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3 Brands

FMV -Industrial Fans, Electric Motors

SUD-ELECTRIC -Industrial Fans, Electric Motors

ZIEHL-ABEGG -Industrial Fans, Electric Motors, Drive Technologies & Controls

Company Profile


Fascination, innovation and always being one step ahead – these are the aspirations of our globally active company in the competence areas of ventilation systems, control engineering, drive and automotive technology. The company has been achieving great things since it was founded by Emil Ziehl in Berlin in 1910, and today has its headquarters based in Künzelsau, Baden-Württemberg. This is also the location of our InVent development and competence centre, where revolutionary advancements and pioneering technologies are born.

A place full of unique inventions to benefit our customers in the form of first-class products that are highly efficient and reduce emissions. We set high standards in our plans for targeted growth, profitability and for the future in general with consistently sound judgement and the premise of maintaining an environment that is worth living in, both for us now and future generations (e.g. the blue year initiative).

ZIEHL-ABEGG, with 3,900 employees, 16 production sites, 27 companies, 97 sales offices in 26 countries and more than 10,000 product combinations in the electrical motor and air moving arenas. Ziehl-Abegg has found current success in the market segments of drive motors for elevators, as well as fans for ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning applications. The name Ziehl-Abegg is recognised all around the world by discerning engineers, consultants, contractors and end-users, and is synonymous with high quality, reliable products, and total lifetime value. Those who want the best, trust in Ziehl-Abegg.

Ziehl-Abegg offered extensive ranges of axial, centrifugal, mixed flow, crossflow, plug fans, plus electric motors, external rotor motors, rings motor, lift motors, electric wheel-hub drive, torque motors, frequency inverters, controls modules and sensor system for the electric motors offered. Ziehl-Abegg fans, speed controllers, or motors can be found in cleanroom, telecommunication, engineering equipment, building elevator, air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration, agricultural ventilation, marine, oil and gas and etc.

Ziehl-Abegg is represented by its own subsidiary, Ziehl-Abegg SEA Pte Ltd, and the Singapore office is responsible for the South-East Asia and Taiwan market. Please check our Ziehl-Abegg website for the detail of the contact person(s) in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Representative/CEO :Peter Fenkl

Business Type :Ventilation Systems, Control Engineering, Drive and Automotive Technology

Year Established :1910

No. Of Employees :3900

Annual Sales Range :540 million euros

Country Territory :All of ASEAN

Product News


Country of Product Origin: Ziehl-Abegg SEA Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Aug 14, 2018

Key Specifications/Special Features: Properties & special features:Impeller with rotating, non-fluted diffuser for extremely high efficiency levels and favorable acoustic characteristics. Reduced rotational tone as a result of special three-dimensional blade geometry. The high-quality plastic material allows for a wide application temperature range of -35 to 80oC and also offers a high level of chemical resistance.Motor concepts:External rotor motors:• ECblue EC technology: with integra >>

ZAcube with Premium Optimizer

Country of Product Origin: Ziehl-Abegg SEA Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Aug 14, 2018

Properties & special features:ZAcube modules contain the Premium Optimizer. This ensures a substantially improved flow pattern at the module outlet to increase the ventilation performance. At the same time, the acoustics are significantly improved. The flow to downstream components is homogeneous, which means that their distance from the fan can be reduced.The module design of ZAcube fans allows fast and easy creation of a fan configuration. Fans can be stacked up to 5 levels and operated in >>


Country of Product Origin: Ziehl-Abegg SEA Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Aug 14, 2018

Properties & special features:Impeller with bionic 3D fluting thanks to innovative design in the form of a specially wound blade geometry. The tubercle on the blade leading edge, which is based on a humpback whale, and the V-shaped serrated rear edge allow a wide characteristic map range. The highest efficiencies are achieved in conjunction with an opening rotating diffuser.In combination with the innovatively rippled blade surface, diffuse sound radiation takes place, ensuring the lowest po >>

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