Yew Aik (S) Pte Ltd

101 Kitchener Rd #01-15 & #01-17 Jln Besar Plaza S(208511)

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39 Brands

ACESA -Tools

BAHCO -Tools


BMI -Oil Sounding Tapes

BRITOOL -Torque Wrenches

CDI -Torque Wrenches


ELORA -Hand Tool

ERON -Vises

HELICOIL -Extracting Tools, Inserting Tools

HI-LO -Gas Cutting Equipment, Gas Welding Equipment

HITACHI -Power Tools


IRWIN -Vises

KAWASAKI -Pneumatic Tools

KITO -Chains, Lever Hoists

KOKEN -Impact Sockets

KYB -Hydraulic Jacks

LOCTITE -Adhesives

MAC -Spray Guns

MASADA -Hydraulic Jack

MATADOR -Hand Tools

MITUTOYO -Measuring Instruments

NEXUS -Pullers

PEDDINGHAUS -Plate Shears, Section Shears

PFERD -Abrasives


PROTO -Tools



SATA -Tools


STARRETT -Measuring Instruments

TOKU -Pneumatic Tools

VITAL -Chain Hoists, Lever Hoists

WILLIAMS -Hand Tools


YAMADA -Lubrication Equipment

YASUI -Garage Equipment & Spares

Company Profile

Yew Aik(S) Pte Ltd was formed in 1990. It is located at Jalan Besar Plaza. We specialise in the exporting and importing of electrical and mechanical engineering equipments like torque wrench, pneumatic tools, hardware, hand tools like spanners, pilers, precision measurement instrument and garage equipments like hydraulic jacks and material handling tools. Our clients includes Elora, Acesa, KYB,Yasui,CDI and Britool. We strive to provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices.


Our Vision

To provide our clients with quality products as an Established Market Leader in the Regional and Global Hardware Industry, by forging a mutually trusting, beneficial and holistic relationship with our partners, clients and stakeholders.


Product Range

Products we carry includes but is not limited to:

1) Adhesive / Sealant / Chemical / Tapes

2) Air / Hydraulic / Power Tools

3) Hand Tools and Tool Trolleys

4) Impact Sockets and Tools

5) Test and Measuring Tools

6) Automotive Tools and Equipment

7) Marine Tools and Equipment

8) Material Handling Tools

9) Safety Equipment

10) General Hardware


In addition to distributing on the above products, Yew Aik (S) Pte Ltd also assist companies in their projects by doing procurement for a one stop solution. Our procurement services includes sourcing for equipments, tools and hardware that we currently do not carry in order to provide our client with a package service for their purchase. This complementary service will enable our clients to achieve maximum results by cutting down on time waste and cost efficiency, thus enabling them to better focus on their projects and to meet project delivery deadlines.



With a holistic and complete range of products and services underpinned by our years of experience in this line, we are confident of fulfilling our client's request everytime.

Representative/CEO :Mr. Christopher Ong (Managing Director)

Business Type :Tooling Solution Provider

Year Established :1990

Country Territory :Singapore

Press Release

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