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Yee Leong was founded in March 1980. In the years since we had dedicated ourselves to the production of items, which are both reliable and quality guaranteed. And through our policy of teamwork, we have always made it our top priority to supply these products speedily to our customers.
Over the past twenty years and more we had attained rapid growth, and we firmly believe we have the confidence of our customers in our company as well as absolute devotion of our employees. In the march of mankind towards civilization, a company plays the role of serving the society. To produce better products and serve our customers speedily and better is thus a must for our company.
This is why we believe in the development of our employees in leadership, quality, service, teamwork and character. In Yee Leong we work harmoniously in a bright and fulfilling atmosphere to instill leadership, quality and character towards the building of the society. We hope to increase the confidence of our customers through the combine of effort of all our employees in the bright future to come.We hope to be of service to you in the future.

Year Established :1980

Country Territory :Singapore

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