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Y.H.H Manufacturing Pte Ltd was established in 2008. We have developed to be a renowned company for our professional and reliable services. We are a technology driven manufacturing business that is committed to serving all our clients with unparalleled product and service quality. Our team of elite engineers coupled with their outstanding skills and experience has enabled us to provide our clients with customized cost – effective solutions that go a long way. We provide Proto type engineering, design and fabrication, customization of all enclosures, server racks & consoles, CNC laser cutting, CNC turret punch, CNC press brake services, steel, aluminium and stainless steel fabrication.
Our products include IP/NEMA rated enclosures, Generator and Compressor Enclosures, Air-con racks, Security racks, 19”/24” server racks, Proto type design and solutions, Flight & transportation cases, CCTV & Camera housing & mounting fixtures, Modular Work Stations, ATM & ATC consoles, Offshore Fire Fighting systems enclosures, foam and equipment skids, CO2 manifolds, Chemical fire suppression enclosures, Steel Structural and Piping Fabrications, Decorative wall and ceiling panels.

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