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21 Brands

AMPROBE -Multimeter

CEM -Multimeter, Clamp Meter

CENTER -Clamp Meter, Thermometers

DRUCK -Calibrators

EXTECH -Function Generator, Level Meter, Multimeter

FLIR -Thermal Imager

GARRETT -Metal Detectors

GREENLEE -Circuit Tracer, Buried Line Locator, Multimeter Voltage Detector, Fibre Optic

HIOKI -Clamp Meter, Insulation Tester, Power Analyser

KEYSIGHT -Digital Multimeter/Clamp Meters

KLAUKE -Crimping Tools

KYORITSU -Clamp Meters, Insulation Testers, Phase Indicator Checkers

LEICA -Distance Measuring Instruments

LUTRON -Sound Level Meter, Tachometer, Thermometer, Anenometer, Ph Meter, Dissolve Oxygen Meters

PROVA/TES -Sound Level Meters, Thermometers, Power Analysers, Clampmeters, Tachometers, Calibrators, Battery Testers

SANWA MULTIMETERS -Thermometer, Clampmeter, Tachometer, Calibrators, Batt Tester

SEW® -Test & Measuring Instruments

STARMETER -Thermometer, Sound Level Meter, DC Power Supplies, Lux Meter, Insulation Tester

TEMPO -Tone Tracer & Handset

TENMARS -Test & Measuring Instruments

TESTO -Air Velocity Meters, Digital Thermometers

Company Profile

Y Fong Electrical Co Pte Ltd

Y Fong Electrical Co Pte Ltd established in the year 1984, is a business specializing in electronics and electrical test measuring equipments. Through the years, we have joined in many electronics, electrical, HVAC and process trade shows and participated in different organizations, seminars and road shows to widen our expertise in the electronics and electrical industry. With the help of this marketing strategy we were able to expand the scope of our products and as an outcome, our company is now representing a broad range of renowned products such as Greenlee, Kyoritsu, Sanwa, Tektronix, FLUKE, MEGGER, TES, Lutron, keysight and more.

“Driven to provide high quality services and solution to achieve maximum customer satisfaction”, our value as a company. By our hard work and constant development, we have created a strong connection with suppliers and consumers. We also have a great team who can handle electronics and electrical test maintenance, repair and calibration at a high level of service.

To comply with our company vision to be the leading test and measuring equipment solution provider for local and regional industry we promise to give only the best high quality products to our customers. In addition, we also offer cost-effective, fast and easy method in finding the right testing equipment that suits your company requirements. Y Fong Electrical Co Pte Ltd will help keep your business up and running.

Country Territory :Singapore

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