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3 Brands

INTERNATIONAL POWER SOURCES -DC/DC Converter Products, AC/DC Switching Power Supplies

SSI -AC/DC Converter Products, AC/DC Switching Power Supplies

XP -AC/DC Switching Power Supplies, DC-DC Converter Products

Company Profile

XP Power provides power supply solutions to the electronics industry. Power supplies take the relatively high voltage alternating current supply from the mains and convert it into various lower voltage, stable direct current outputs required to drive electronic equipment. All electronic equipment requires a power supply.

Our Customers
Our customers are original equipment manufacturers who can be characterized as having expertise in their particular area, whether it be medical devices, communications or industrial automation, but generally do not have in-house power supply expertise. XP provides this expertise, assisting customers to design-in, from an extensive range of products, a suitable power supply that meets our customers’ costs and technical requirements. Technical requirements often involve helping the customer meet the relevant equipment safety standards that operate in their particular industry such as medical or telecom standards as well as EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility).

Our Products
The need for our customers to differentiate their product from that of their competitors gives rise to a vast number of power supply requirements to satisfy the endlessly increasing combinations of voltages at different power levels.

XP Power has over 5,000 products at its disposal plus access to custom manufacturing capability where necessary. These products range from AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters necessary for Distributed Power Architectures, through to power protection products.

Country Territory :Singapore

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