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Willflow Multistage Pumps

Willflow Multistage Pumps are built with reliability and quality. It has been used in Offshore, Marine, Boilers, Cooling towers, Pipeline cleaning, pressure testing and rental applications. These pumps are practical, cost effective and


Karcher Industrial Cleaners

Willsoon now provides a full-line of industrial floor cleaners, sweepers, pressure cleaners, vaccuum cleaners from Karcher.Karcher is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning systems with high-performance and versatile


Pratissoli Plunger Piston Pump

The Pratisolli line includes more than 120 pump models Industries: Steel, Desalination, Food, Oil/Gas, Sewer Cleaning, Textile, Ship Building, Marine & Offshore, Ship Maintenance Willsoon assembles Pratisolli pumps & drivers for end


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We specialize in Sales, Rental & Service of pumps and related equipment. Since 1984 we have been providi...