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18 Brands

BAUER -Versatile Quick Couplings

CORNELL -High Head Mining Pumps

CUMMINS ENGINE -Original Cummins Engine (Made in China)

DEUTZ ENGINE -Original Deutz Engine (Made in China)

ETEC PUMPS -Submersible Engine Driven Ultra High Flow Pumps

HYDROBAR -High Pressure Water Jetting

INTERPUMP -High Pressure Piston Pumps

KARCHER -Cleaning Equipment

MORO -Vacuum Pumps

PRATISSOLI -Water Blasters Max 1500bar, 1000LPM

SAER PUMPS -Booster Pumps & Inline Pumps

SPERONI -Booster Pumps & Multi-Stage Pumps

SPP-SINGAPORE PUMP PRODUCTS -Mix Flow Pumps, Split Case Pumps, Self-Priming Pumps, Construction Pumps

TERAL -Centrifugal, Submersible Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Water Supply Unit, Environmental Systems, Environmental Fans

VARISCO PUMPS -Centrifugal Self-Priming Pumps

WEDA -Submersible Pumps

WILLFLOW -Multistage Pumps

WOMA -High Flow Plunger Pumps

Company Profile

We specialize in Sales, Rental & Service of pumps and related equipment. Since 1984 we have been providing simple and cost-effective pumping solutions to all industries including: construction, mining, industrial, process, chemical, marine and offshore.

Our markets lie in Asia Pacific exporting to countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Australia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines.

All equipment, spare parts, engines/motors, chassis, hoses, sealing, skid, couplings and miscellaneous items will be taken into consideration for each order.

Over the years, our company has gained in strength and grew at a steady pace building upon a rock-solid foundation. Since the beginning, our founder Low Swee Sang promised good service and satisfaction to all our customers, focusing on integrity, reliability and practicality.

The name Willsoon (威顺) is derived from 2 Chinese words shown below
威风: Prestige
顺利: Success
The vision of Willsoon is to become the leading pumping solutions provider in Asia.
Willsoon’s mottos are integrity, practicality and reliability.
Willsoon works with ethics and honesty in order to be an impressive business.
We strive for all our products to be affordable and to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
Safety comes with reliable people and machinery. To be reliable we consistently perform with excellence in mind.

Representative/CEO :Low Swee Sang (Director) Low Kwan Soon (Secretary) Low Rafael (Manager)

Business Type :Pumps: Manufacturing, Sales, Rental, Service, Distribution, Maintenance, Assembly

Year Established :1993

Business Market :Oil and Gas, Marine, Industrial, Offshore, Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Food, Municipal

No. Of Employees :15

Annual Sales Range :1-2 Million USD

Country Territory :Asia; Asia Pacific; China; East Asia; East Asia Pacific; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Lao People'S Dem Republic; Malaysia; Myanmar; Philippines; Singapore; Singapore and regional countries; South East Asia; Sri Lanka; Thailand; Vietnam; World Wide

Industry Focus :Assembly of pump, engineering solution providers, dewatering, cooling, ballasting, dredging, well-point, high pressure cleaning, high pressure pigging, rental of pumps, sewer cleaning

Certification :

Bizsafe 3 certification

OEM Capability :Yes

OEM Products :Singapore Pump Products Pte Ltd, Willflow Multistage Pumps, Willflow Mix-flow Pumps, Hydrobar Pumps

Operating Hours :9am to 7pm Mondays to Fridays

Press Release

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