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10 Brands

ADVANCE WELDING -Water Based Road Marking Paint

BIO CIRCLE -Cleaning System Machines, Cleaning, Protecting, Welding, Lubricating Chemical Product

BOXO -Tool Cabinet, Office Storage Modules

KS TOOLS -Tool Cabinet, Torque Wrench, Videoscopes, Spanners, Allen Key, Sockets & Bits, Safety Boots

LEISTER -Hot Air Welding Tools & Heaters

MUNSCH -Plastic Welding Extruders, Wedge Welding Machines, Welding Accessories

PARK HEAT -Hot Air Welding Tools & Heaters

SURFOX -Stainless Welding Cleaning Machine, Passivation Tester & Stainless Steel Indentifier

WELDY -Hot Air Blower, Hot Air Welding, Pre Banner Welding Machine, Plastic Welding Extruders & Etc

WIDOS -Plastic Welding Machines, Electrofusion Machines, Sheet Welding Machine, Infra-Red Welding Machines

Company Profile

Ideal International Pte Ltd was founded on 31st of August 1993, as a trading company that deals with cutting tools, air-conditioning and WIDOS butt welding machines.

WIDOS Far East Plastic, a sole proprietorship business, was established to manage every WIDOS plastic welding businesses. The WIDOS Far East Plastic was assigned by WIDOS W Dommer Sohn GmbH, located in Germany in the year 1998 to be the service and repair center that provides service to all WIDOS clients covering the Asia-Pacific region.

With the assignment and growth of the welding business and the expansion in regional coverage, the company merged with Ideal International Pte Ltd to put up WIDOS Technology (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. This is to improve its business operations and to provide better service to its clients.

On 17th of October 2003, WIDOS Technology (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd achieved the bizSAFE Enterprise Level 3 award. BizSAFE is a programme specialized to aid Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) establish their workplace safety and health means.

WIDOS Technology aims to help reduce in overall pollution and runs with natural gas industries. The Company yearns for the gas piping industries to be equipped with high grade WIDOS plastic welding machines including manual and CNC machines. WIDOS will strive to constantly be a top company in the Asia-Pacific region in the provision of optimal after-sales assistance, service and repair of each WIDOS machines. The company offers training to clients for WIDOS CNC – Computer Numeric Control and manually operated machines, both in Singapore and in other countries in Asia Pacific.

Over the fruitful decades, WIDOS Technology has evolved immensely. Each of our service and sales team are committed in providing top quality solution to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Undoubtedly, WIDOS Singapore will not hold back in giving its best services and products to every party in need.

Representative/CEO :Mr. K.C. Lai (Regional Managing Director)

Business Type :Trading, Training, Service and Repair

Year Established :1993

Business Market :Singapore, South East Asia

No. Of Employees :10

Annual Sales Range :2-3 Million USD

Country Territory :Asia; China; East Asia; Hong Kong; Indonesia; Malaysia; Maldives; Middle East; Myanmar; Singapore; South East Asia; Sri Lanka; Taiwan; Thailand; Vietnam

Industry Focus :Plastics, Welding, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Marine, Manufacturing, Engineering, Piping, Water, Workshop

Certification :

BizSafe Level 4

Operating Hours :Monday to Friday (8.45am to 6.15pm), Saturday (9am to 1pm)

Quality Control :European DIN Standard

Press Release

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