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HANBIT - Blind & Speed Rivet

A wide selection of HANBIT – Blind & Speed Rivet is now offered at VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd. Made from top grade and standardized materials, these mechanical fasteners feature optimum strength, flexibility and durability overtime. These are widely used in varying industrial


GESIPA - Rivet Installation Tools

VF Fastening System Pte Ltd offers this Rivet Installation Tools by Gesipa which is one of the finest providers of blind rivet systems that has broad line of blind fasteners including the metric and standard blind rivets, structural blind rivets, plastic rivets, and blind rivet


EMKA BESCHLAGTEILE - Stainless Steel Hatch Catches

VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive range of EMKA BESHLAGTEILE – Stainless Steel Hatch Catches suitable for varieties of applications. Featuring sturdy, flexible and durable characteristics, these hatch latches are mainly designed for doors with different types of


KEENSERT - Heavy Duty Inserts

A wide selection of high quality KEENSERT – Heavy Duty Inserts can now be availed at VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd. Specifically designed to provide high strength joints in low strength materials, these KEENSERT Inserts are typically used in applications like electronic equipment,


DEJOND - Nut Inserts

VF Fastening Systems Pte Ltd provides comprehensive range of quality DEJOND – Nut Inserts which are used for wide range of industrial applications like electronics, automotive, aerospace, telecom, railways, marine, medical, metal furniture, pulp and paper, etc. DEJOND nutserts are


HUCK - Fastener Tools

The Fastener Tools by HUCK offered by VF Fastening System Pte Ltd is designed for providing permanent and vibration resistance operation to achieve the superior quality joining solutions applicable for industrial applications. These Fastener Tools has moderately high tensile, clamp and


HEICO-LOCK®  -  Fastening Systems

The HEICO-LOCK® Fastening Systems offered by VF Fastening System Pte Ltd. is developed and upgraded skillfully to achieve the finest quality hinge yet cost effective suitable for your budget and requirements. HEICO-LOCK® Fastening Systems - The Ultimate High-Performance


WTI - Helically Coiled Inserts

We offer this fantastic Helically Coiled Inserts which is applicable for the effects of cyclic vibration/impact and has additional screw locking inserts providing an extra prevailing locking torque. This is achieved by the action of polygon grip coils that has been positioned within the


TAKIGEN - Stainless Cremone Handle

This Takigen - Stainless Cremone Handle has a multi point lock which is used for cubicle, shelter, soundproof door and electromagnetic protection door. It allows two or more lock to be secured lockable and unlockable by just turning one handle. We recommend this Takigen - Stainless


KERB KONUS - Threaded Insert

This amazing Fastening Technology from KerbKonus is applicable for different industrial sector all over the world. This Threaded Inserts distributed by VF Fastening System Pte Ltd has reliable and sophisticated fastening solutions for more feasible applications which are implemented to


SCHAAF – Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

SCHAAF is known for its detailed focus on impeccable quality, dependability and a continuously advanced improvement process. All products are carefully planned, manufactured, tested to conform with the required demands and delivered ready for use worldwide. The ever further developed


STANLEY – Rivets

These Nutsert, Rivet Nut Power Tool has high speed installations and low set up cost that promotes a more productive result of work. The Nutsert that we recommend is designed to have a Sheet Nut – Insert Installation that is adjustable, accurate and high quality which secures the


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