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18 Brands

BOLLHOFF -Fasteners, Helical Inserts, Self Piercing Rivets

BONDURA -Hardware/Drilling & Lifting Equipment

CAMLOC -Specialty Hardware Items

DEJOND -Nut Inserts

EMKA BESCHLAGTEILE -Steel Enclosures Hardware, Switchgears, Electrical Panels

GESIPA -Rivetting Tools & Fasteners

GROWERMETAL -Conical Washer

HANBIT -Hardware, Blind Rivet, Speed Rivet

HEICO-LOCK -Wedge Locking Washers, Locking Washers

HUCK -Vibration-Proof Fasteners

JET FAST -Nut Inserts, Hydro Pneumatic Electric Installation Tools, Hand Type Installation Tools

KEENSERT -Heavy Duty Inserts

KERB KONUS -Self Taping Inserts

ONE EYE INDUSTRIES -Industrial Filters (Magnetic), Magnetic Filters, Filtration Systems

SCHAAF -Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

STANLEY -Rivets, Press-Nuts & Nut Inserts

TAKIGEN -Hardware For Steel Enclosures, Switchgear & Electrical Panels

WASHEN -Aluminium & Stainless Steel Rivets

Company Profile

VF Fastening System Pte Ltd was started business since 1992 as one of the general trading company in the country. Our company was established at humble beginnings for progresses to the distribution company in providing fasteners and hardware.

VF Fastening System Pte Ltd provides a complete solution, encompassing into both products and support that can promote excellent high quality standard for the customer satisfaction.

Our goal in providing an outstanding products and services has harvest its victory when we profitably secured an “ Exclusive Distributorship” for different manufacturers worldwide such as USA, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and England.

We guarantee that our employees are skilled and well experienced in providing satisfactory customer service and we managed to take good care all of your concerns and enquiries regarding on your requirements compatibility and availability in our products.

The industries that we serve are the telecommunication, automotive, automation, railway, electrical engineering, aerospace, electronics, construction, shipbuilding, die cast, plastic molding and many more.

We managed to handle and maintain our finest quality through the years in providing value-added services for our costumers. As we continue our goal in providing the finest quality, we still developed and improved our products and services for more efficient and effective customer service.

VF Fastening System Pte Ltd obtains the ISO900 1-2000 certificates and this will guarantee you that our products and services are long lasting and safe to use.

Representative/CEO :Mr. Vincent Fong Mun Hin

Business Type :Fastener Trading Company

Year Established :1992

Country Territory :Singapore and regional countries

Industry Focus :Aerospace, Automation, Automotive, Construction, Die Cast, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Plastic Moulding, Railway, Shipbuilding, Telecommunications and many more.

Certification :


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