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13 Brands

ABV ENERGY SPA -Ball Valves, Subsea Ball Valves, Hipps, Double Block & Bleed, Check Valves

COOPER -Metal Seated Ball Valves

DELTA -Knife Gates, Delay Coke Unheading System

EVERLASTING -Rotary Disc, Slurry Valve, Ash Handling

EVR -Pinch Valves, Duck Bill Check Valves, Expansion Joints

FARRIS ENGINEERING -Safety Relief Valves

INTER-VALVE -Supper Alloys Titanium Ball Valves

N-LINE -Choke Valves, Control Valves

SEO-HEUNG METAL -Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves

SEVERN GLOCON -Control Valves

SMART -Water Level Control Valves, Regulators, Strainers, Steam Traps, Inverted Bucket Steam Traps, Check Valves

SOLENT & PRATT -Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

STARCK -UOP Gate, Globe Check Valves

Company Profile

Established in 2000, Valves.Com Pte Ltd began to serve various industries in Singapore, specifically the Oil and Gas, Power, Petrochemical and Mining Industries. We are one of the world leaders in severe service control and isolation valves, focusing on applications with high temperature, high solids, high pressure, high cycling, high abrasion, high noise and cavitating fluids.

With our vast experience and capabilities, we are able to serve customers throughout Asia. We have offices in Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Korea. We also work with distributors in Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and UAE.

Some of our exclusive partners include VELAN, N-Line Valves, SEVERN, FARRIS, Everlasting Valve Company Inc, CALDERA Engineering, BENTLEY, etc.

Proving our excellence in the industry, we have granted with different certification such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSA 18000 and BIZ SAFE.

The following are some of the products we offer:
• VELAN -ABV S.p.A Ball Valves
• N-LINE VALVES 12" ANSI 2500# Choke Valves
• N-LINE VALVES Manual Choke Valves
• N-LINE VALVES Duplex SS Choke Valves
• SEVERN GLOCON Severe Service Control Valves ( MLT) HP/LP Turbine Bypass System Control Valves
• VALVTECHNOLOGIES Zero Leakage Metal Seated Ball Valves ( 4 Years Warranty )
• EVERLASTING Rotating Disc Valves for Abrasives Application
• PARCOL Urea Letdown Valves, Turbine Bypass / Desuperheating Valves
• SOLENT & PRATT Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
• DELTA VALVE Delay Coke Unheading System
• FARRIS Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves
• PHONIX Bellow Seal Valves for Chlorine Services
• CALDRA Control Valves
• TAPCO Slide Valves
• EVR Pinch Valves, Duck Bill Check Valves, Expansion Joints

Country Territory :Singapore; Singapore and regional countries

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