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actuators: electric

air flow controls

ball valve with actuator

boiler parts


controls: air flow

controls: electric

controls: flow

controls: humidity

controls: level

controls: liquid level

controls: moisture

controls: pressure

controls: refrigeration

35 Brands

317 -Safety Valves

ACTARIS -Water Meters C/W Pulser

AKO -Pinch/Sleeve Valves/Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve

AQUAMETRO -Oil Meters, Flowmeters

BADGER -Flow Measurement & Control

BAYARD -Pressure Reducing Valves

BERLUTO -Pressure Reducing Valves

BURKERT -Solenoid Valves, Solenoid Controls

CALEFFI -Valves, Air Vents, Etc

DANFOSS -Water Valves, Motorised Control Valves, Balancing Valves

DESBORDES -Pressure Reducing Valves, Balancing Valves

EBCO -Equilibrium Ball Float Valves

EDGETECH -Moisture, Humidity Systems

FIP -Thermoplastic Valves

FP -Safety Relief Valves

HYDRA-RESTER -Water Hammer Arrester

INBAL -Water Control Valves

IPS -Plastic Pipe Cement

ITRON -Water Meters-M-Bus & Modbus

KEMPER -Valves & Hygiene Piping System

KRIWAN -Airflow Monitoring Controls

LEONARD -Hose Stations, Thermostatic Mixer

MAGNATROL -Solenoid Valves

MEGA-RESTER -Water Hammer Arrestors

NABIC -Pressure Safety Relief Valves

NIBCO -Fire Fighting Valves

SIOUX CHIEF -Water Hammer Arrestors

SIRCA -Pneumatic Actuators

SOCLA -Pilot Control, Check & Foot Valves

SPEARS -PVC, CPVC Fittings, Valves, Solvent Cement

VALPES -Electric Actuators

VAL-TECHNIK -Industrial Valves

VULCATHENE -Polypropylene Pipe & Fittings

WATTS -Pilot Float Valves, ACV

WELD-ON -Solvent Cement

Company Profile

In November 1988, VAL-TECHNIK was incorporated in Singapore as a technical distributor of valves and control systems to serve and support the diversified industries in the region.

VAL-TECHNIK presents itself as a distribution company that provides technical support and after sales back-up to it's customers. Over the years, we have been concentrating our efforts in sourcing and distributing high quality products that meet the stringent requirement of our customers.

VAL-TECHNIK is committed to product reliability and thus engage in constant review and the search for quality products to meet a broad spectrum of applications, we also seek to understand customer's specific needs by constantly updating our knowledge.

VAL-TECHNIK recognises the importance of working with reputable partners who are committed to the field of their expertise, most are recognisable names in the industries.

Country Territory :Singapore

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