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actuators: electric

air flow controls

boiler parts


controls: air flow

controls: electric

controls: flow

controls: humidity

controls: level

controls: liquid level

controls: moisture

controls: pressure

controls: refrigeration

explosion vents

36 Brands

317 -Safety Valves

ACTARIS -Water Meters C/W Pulser

AKO -Pinch/Sleeve Valves/Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve

AQUAMETRO -Oil Meters, Flowmeters

BADGER -Flow Measurement & Control

BAYARD -Pressure Reducing Valves

BERLUTO -Pressure Reducing Valves

BURKERT -Solenoid Valves, Solenoid Controls

CALEFFI -Valves, Air Vents, Etc

DANFOSS -Water Valves, Motorised Control Valves, Balancing Valves

DESBORDES -Pressure Reducing Valves, Balancing Valves

EBCO -Equilibrium Ball Float Valves

EDGETECH -Moisture, Humidity Systems

FIP -Thermoplastic Valves

FP -Safety Relief Valves

HYDRA-RESTER -Water Hammer Arrester

INBAL -Water Control Valves

IPS -Plastic Pipe Cement

ITRON -Water Meters-M-Bus & Modbus

KEMPER -Valves & Hygiene Piping System

KRIWAN -Airflow Monitoring Controls

LEONARD -Hose Stations, Thermostatic Mixer

MAGNATROL -Solenoid Valves

MEGA-RESTER -Water Hammer Arrestors

NABIC -Pressure Safety Relief Valves

NIBCO -Fire Fighting Valves

SIOUX CHIEF -Water Hammer Arrestors

SIRCA -Pneumatic Actuators

SOCLA -Pilot Control, Check & Foot Valves

SPEARS -PVC, CPVC Fittings, Valves, Solvent Cement

TALIS -Valves

VALPES -Electric Actuators

VAL-TECHNIK -Industrial Valves

VULCATHENE -Polypropylene Pipe & Fittings

WATTS -Pilot Float Valves, ACV

WELD-ON -Solvent Cement

Company Profile

Towards A High Service Standard

Since 1988, Val-Technik has supported Asia’s regional industries with best-in-class valves, metering and piping solutions which optimize application performance. We strive for a longstanding, proven service record because we know our customers require the best in high-performing, reliable solutions. Val-Technik makes this a norm and not an exception.

The durability and performance of your flow control system can affect the productivity of your service operations. We understand efficiency and reliability is required to drive businesses forward. Keeping ourselves abreast of your needs and the latest product knowledge, we offer a broad product range from leading brands, most of which are from industry-recognized European or American manufacturers.

Specialists in flow control solutions & service support

Val-Technik believes in delivering solutions which create genuine results for our customers. This means providing our expertise on not only the best combination that fits your system, but one that provides the highest performance and reduces the need for costly maintenance. For a customized fit and process automation, we offer calculated sizing and valve assembly to accompanying actuators, controls and valve accessories.

In addition, our engineering services and support will ensure minimal downtime and an extended product lifespan. These include preventive maintenance, overhaul and servicing repairs, and diagnostic recommendation of water hammer devices.

To us, ensuring you receive an optimal solution on top of quick and reliable response is what we strive for in our daily work.

Country Territory :Singapore

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