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Unicast Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd, The Company, was incorporated in 1987 in the Republic of Singapore. We are mainly a jobbing foundry casting a wide variety of alloys catering for Marine & Offshore Repair, Industrial & Maintenance Services with good quality and prompt delivery.

We adopt sand casting & centrifugal casting process with heat treatment. Our alloys include almost all types of Copper Alloy/ Bronze, Cast Iron/ Ductile Iron, Cast Steel/ Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy Casting. Our alloys are melted as virgin charge using high quality raw materials especially bronze, not only ingots.

Generally, we are using the following specifications as guidance:-

• British Standard
  BS1400 AB1, AB2, G1, HTB1, PB2
• Japanese Standard
  JIS STD ALBC3, BC2, BC3, BC6, LBC 2, LBC 5, LBC 6, PBC 2A, PBC 3
• American Standard
  ASTM B 584/ B 271 Alloy 836, 862, 863,932, 937, 938
  ASTM B 148/ B 271 Alloy 952, 954, 955, 958
  SAE 64
• DIN Standard, etc.

In the course of the past 30 years, the integrity and quality of our products has been gradually proven confirmed by our customers. In certain wear and tear parts, we have been upgrading for our valued Customers with their satisfaction of longer wearing durability.

Year Established :1987

Country Territory :Singapore

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