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47 Brands

ALBRIGHT -Forklift Parts

ALLIS CHALMERS -Forklift Parts

ANDERSON -Forklift Parts

ATLET -Forklift Parts

BALKANCAR -Forklift Parts

BOBCAT -Forklift Parts

BOSS -Forklift Parts

BT -Forklift Parts

CAM SYSTEM -Forklift Parts

CATERPILLAR -Forklift Parts

CLARK -Forklift Parts

CROWN -Forklift Parts

CURTIS -Forklift Parts

ENERGIC PLUS -Forklift Parts

FANTUZZI -Forklift Parts

GENIE -Aerial Work Platforms

HALLA -Forklift Parts

HAULOTTE -Aerial Work Platforms

HYSTER -Forklift Parts

IMPCO -Forklift Parts

JLG -Aerial Work Platforms

JUNGHEINRICH -Forklift Parts

KALMAR -Forklift Parts

KOMATSU -Forklift Parts

LAFIS -Forklift Parts

LANCER BOSS -Forklift Parts

LANSING -Forklift Parts

LINDE -Forklift Parts

MANITOU -Forklift Parts

MIC -Forklift Parts

MITSUBISHI -Forklift Parts

NICHIYU -Forklift Parts

NISSAN -Forklift Parts

NYK -Forklift Parts

PIMESPO -Forklift Parts

RAPID -Forklift Parts

REMA -Forklift Parts

ROCLA -Forklift Parts

SAMSUNG -Forklift Spare Parts

STILL -Forklift Parts

TCM -Forklift Parts

TOTALLIFTER -Forklift Parts

TOTALSOURCE -Forklift Spare Parts

TOYOTA -Forklift Parts

WAGNER -Forklift Parts

YALE -Forklift Parts

ZEPRO -Forklift Parts

Company Profile


TVH Singapore is part of TVH Group, the leading worldwide supplier of spare parts for industrial vehicles. We are your one-stop shop in material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment.

The incorporation of TVH Singapore Pte Ltd in 2006 enhanced our local presence in the market, offering our customers a better and faster service. Our sales team at TVH Singapore is welcome to serve you at our counter, via telephone/fax/email, or via MyTotalSource, our webshop for all your parts. You can inquire, look-up and order parts 24/7 with MyTotalSource at your convenience.


We operate a trade counter area with our Singapore facility for collection of goods and for assistance in parts identification.


Situated in Jurong, our warehouse of 11,000 sq ft carries 6,000 fast-moving stock items, ensuring immediate delivery to our customers in Singapore. With another 600,000 stock items at our Belgian headquarters, we can guarantee being your one-stop solution.

Business Type :Parts & Accessories for Industrial Equipment

Year Established :2006

Country Territory :Brunei Darussalam; Cambodia; Indonesia; Lao People'S Dem Republic; Myanmar; Philippines; Singapore; South East Asia; Thailand; Vietnam

Operating Hours :0900 to 1800 hours

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