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12 Brands

ESS -Fault Annunciators & Indicators

LEIPOLE -Terminal Blocks

LEIPOLE -Fans & Filters, Power Distribution Box, Transformers, Thermostats & Heater, Etc

LEIPOLE -Busbar Holder/Insulator

MURR -Power Supply, Redundancy Diode, Buffer Module With Intelligent Shut Down, AC/DC Converters, Etc

MURR -Temperature Converters, AD/DA Converters, Analog Converters, Solid State Relay, Timer, Opto-Coupler

SIRON -16/32 Input/Output Compact Module For All Brands PLC I/O Card

SIRON -4-In-One Relay Din-Rail Compact Module

SIRON -8-In-One Relay Din-Rail Compact Module

SIRON -8 Points Sensor Input Module Din-Rail

SIRON -8 Points Valve Output Module Din-Rail

WOHNER -Flexible/Flat Busbar System Technology 630Amp- 2500Amp, Power Fuse Switch C/W gG (GL) Fuses

Company Profile

TRU Technologies (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was established in 2009 as an Automation Provider of leading Industrial products and engineering services.

The company is setup based on providing true innovative and high quality products. With more than 10 years of sales and industry experience, we understand very clearly the demands of both manufacturers and customer in the products they want. We have experienced at first hand, the passion for good quality products.

We specialized in distributing reputable industrial control products, serving a large clientele base spanning across diverse industries such as Electrical Switchboard, Electronics and Manufacturing, Marine, Offshore and Engineering, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas etc.

With the ever-changing needs and demands of the market and the high expectations of our clients, we consistently dedicated to provide innovative quality product and preeminent services to deliver value to our clients. Though a young enterprise, our team takes pride in thinking differently and be different. Doubtlessly, we are committed to diligently serve and meet the needs and demands of each and every of our valued client to optimize their bottom line and satisfaction.

TRU Technologies is indeed honoured to serve you as we studiously continue to strive to excel together with you in greater endeavors. Humbly, we want to journey with you, being our valued client and partner, to develop long-term partnership strengthening in trust and contentment.

We believe in direct selling and have many years of experience. We will strategize and provide sales management of your product in order to maximise sales return. We will continuously provide feedback from customers to provide better products, to discover new products, to finally provide what the customers really want.

Representative/CEO :Mr Calvin Sie

Business Type :Automation Distributor

Year Established :2009

Business Market :Manufacturing & Factory Automation, Switchboard and Panel Maker Industries

No. Of Employees :5

Annual Sales Range :300,000.00

Country Territory :Asia; Asia Pacific; Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Singapore and regional countries; Vietnam

Operating Hours :8.30 AM - 6.00 PM

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