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3 Brands

DAIWA -Chains

E K -Chain

KG -Gear & Gear Cutting

Company Profile

Established in 1989, Tripod Trading Pte Ltd started in business as the supplier of Worm Gear Reducers, Roller Chains, Variable Speed Pulleys, Couplings, Sprockets, and Gear Motors. In 1994, we were awarded with exclusive distributorship rights for Kyouiku Gears, also known as KG Stock Gears, in the entire industry in Singapore. This renowned manufacturer is widely known for its quality precision gear products in Japan.

We have successfully expanded our reach and embark the core of our business operations through our targeted sales group by delivering Customized Gears and Metric Stock Gears to the local market. Our customers include different sectors like Factories, Automation companies and the Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM. We have also strong foothold to other neighboring countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

As we plan to build a long-term business relationship with our clients, our management has never forgotten the fundamental fact that our success in our chosen field of industry is all due to our valued clients. For more than 20 years of experience, Tripod Trading Pet Ltd brings sustainable measures in upholding our business ethics through Honesty, Trust and Reliability.

With strong commitment on catering all demanding requirements of our customers, we have extended our technical assistance and dedicated service with the support from our overseas brand manufacturers. We have long ranging references and have outsourced reliable product portfolio with special and customized items with accordance to the specifications given by our clients.

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