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TOYO -Pumps, Piling Equipment

Company Profile

TOYO PUMPS Singapore Pte. Ltd., are exclusive marketing associates of Toyo Denki, Japan. The TOYO Dredging System have revolutionized dredging concept in Singapore, and Toyo Pumps Singapore Pte. Ltd., are privileged to be a part of this revolution.

TOYO Pumps effectively gives an economical alternative to any dredging job – big or small – which until now required using cutter suction dredgers, which naturally made dredging very expensive and time consuming.

TOYO Pumps find ready application in dredging - especially in land reclamation, sand collection from sea or river, dredging in fishing harbours, minor ports, etc.

Toyo Dredging system has made dredging easy, economical and simple.

Today Toyo Pumps is the first choice for many solids pumping operations – be it sand, minerals, iron ore, mill scales, coal, fly-ash, sewage, pulp, effluents, etc.


The TOYO Pump is specially designed to pump solids that have settled. The rotating custom built agitator of TOYO Pump moves the solids from rest, whips it into dense slurry and directs a highly concentrated and continuous flow of material into the pumps impeller. This is then pumped out - the very situation where conventional pumps fail. The TOYO Pump is capable to pump 70 percent solids by weight in difficult and exacting site conditions as it is built very sturdily with extra ordinary features, tried and tested successfully for many decades.


  • Protective screen to prevent ingestion of oversize solids.
  • Special seals to withstand pressure/temperature.
  • Wear resistant metallurgy.
  • Long periods of efficient performance by adjusting clearance if impeller/disc.
  • Compartmentalised construction to minimise parts subject to abrasion.
  • Thicker parts for longer life; etc


The TOYO PUMP range consists of the ET Series, DP(Light) Series, DPF/ DP (Dredge Pump) Series, DP(A) – Sand Collection Series, the DV Tank Mounted Series, the DPE Series and TOYO Accessories.

Representative/CEO :Mr Manauj S/ S. Krishnamurthy (Director)

Business Type :Manufacturer

Year Established :1948

Business Market :ASEAN

No. Of Employees :70

Annual Sales Range :1

Country Territory :All of ASEAN; Asia; India; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; Singapore

Industry Focus : Dredging, Construction, Mineral ore Mining, rare earths processing Plants, Mining, Thermal/Coal Power Plants, Shipyards, Jetties, Ports, Paper Mills, Steel Plants, Sand Collection, Sewage Pumping

OEM Capability :2500

OEM Products :3000

Operating Hours :24/7

Quality Control :ISO

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