Torx Industries (S) Pte Ltd

52 Ubi Ave 3 #04-25 Frontier S(408867)

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61 Brands

ABB -Power Semiconductors, GTOs, IGBT

ALCAD -Nickel Cadmium Batteries For Standby Applications

ARTECHE -Railway Signalling Relays

BINAME -Insulators For LV & HV

BUSSMANN -Fuses & Accessories

CABLECRAFT -Rail Cable Accessories

CADWELD -Exothermic Welded Connections

CROMPTON GREAVES -Q-Relays & Railway Signalling Equipment

CYCLON -Pure Lead Thin Plates Batteries

DATA SAFE -Batteries For UPS Application

DIOLINE -Bus Coupler Ethernet, Bus Coupler MVB, Bus Coupler CANopen and etc.

DIORAIL -Vehicle Control Unit

DIOSWITCH -Train Communication Network Switches

ENERSYS -Motive Power, Reserve Power & Specialty Batteries

ENTRELEC -Terminal Blocks, Markers & Wiring Accessories

ERICO -Rail Products, Industrial Products

FERRAZ SHAWMUT -Fuses, Gear Fuses

FLEXICON -Flexible Conduit, Conduit Fitting, Cable Gland

GAZ -Ni Cd Reserve Batteries

GENESIS -Reserve Batteries

HABIA -Cables

HARTING -Terminal Block, Connectors

HITACHI CABLE -Power Cables, Signal Cables

HONEYWELL -Limit Switches, Microswitches, Circuit Breakers

HOPPECKE -Batteries Nicad & Lead Acid, Chargers

HUBER & SUHNER -Wire, Cable Products, Electric Cable, Cable Termination, Solar Connectors

KISTLER -Pressure Sensors, Force Sensor, Torque Sensors, Accelerometers

KRAUS & NAIMER -Electric Motor, Mini Relay, Load Break Switch, Modular Contactors, Power Switch

KRAUS & NAIMER -Selector Switches, Switchgear & Contactors, Switch, Open Type Contractor, Enclosure

LAMARCHE -Battery Chargers, Converters, Inverters, UPS

LAPP -Cables & Cable Glands

LCON RAIL INFINITY -Signal Converters, Adjustable and Programmable

LEOS -Lutze Ethernet Onboard System, Train Borne Communication Networks, Router, Ethernet Switches

LION -Train Control Management System

LITTELFUSE -Fuses, Arresters

LOCC BOX RAIL -Intelligent DC Cable Protection Devices

LUTZE TRANSPORTATIONS -Train Borne - Control Product, Interface Product, Indication, Programmable Audio Signal Transducer, Piezo Signal Transducer



ODYSSEY -Batteries For Automobile

OERLIKON -Reserve Batteries

PHOENIX CONTACT -Terminal Block, Plug Connectors, Interface & Bus Product, PCB Connectors & Surge Voltage Protection

RADOX -Cables For Railway Applications

RAYCHEM -Wire & Cable, Cable Accessories

SAFETRAN -Railway Signalling Systems & Relays

SCHALTBAU -Electrics For Rolling Stock, Switches, Connectors, Contactors

SCHUNK -Carbon Brushes, Contacts, Holders, High Temp Products, Bearing & Seals, Fuel Ceil Plates

SECHERON -DC & AC Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Isolators

SIEMENS -Automation Products & PLC

SKINTOP -Cable Glands

SMITH SYSTEMS INC -Sensors-Temperature, Flow, Speed, Proximity & Atex Electronics

SUPER SAFE -Batteries

TEND -Tower Lights, Magnetic Switches, Limit Switches, Buzzers

TIBOX -Enclosure, Cabinets, Plastic, Polyester, Polycarbonate Stainless Steel, Aluminium

TORX -Switches & Relays, Plug Boards, Crimp Pin

TYCO -Electronics & Electrical Components, Cable Markers, Electronics Products

WABTEC -Products For Rail, Transit & Industry

WAGO -Terminal Blocks & Connectors

WEIDMULLER -Terminal Blocks, PCB Connectors, Enclosures

WIELAND -Terminal Blocks & Terminals

YONGGUI -Connectors, Jumper Couplers, Gangways, Axle Counter System

Company Profile

Torx Industries has been serving customers with high innovative switches and precisional stamping parts since 1990. We also offer expertise in the supplies of a wide range of products rolling stock & signaling equipment, telecommunication, industrial automation, marine, oil & gas and cables.

Business Type :Manufacturing, Distribution & Railway

Year Established :1990

Business Market :Europe, USA, ASEAN, Middle East, China

No. Of Employees :10

Annual Sales Range :5 - 10 Million USD

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Supplier of a wide range of products in railway rolling stock & signaling, telecommunication, industrial automation, marine, oil & gas, and cables

Certification :

ISO 9001, Biz Safe Level 3

Operating Hours :Monday to Friday: 0830am to 0600pm

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