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13 Brands

A O SMITH -Refrigeration Fan Motor, Air Conditioning Fan Motors

ARTHERMO -Thermometers

BRISTOL -Refrigeration & Air-Condition Hermetic Compressors

DORIN -Refrigeration & Air-Condition Open Type & Semi- Hermetic Compressor

HANBELL -Screw Compressors

HENRY -Y-Strainers, Relief Valves, Drier-Cores Valves, Shut Off Valves, Accumulator, Oil Separator

KASON -Cold Room Latches, Hinges, Ventilation Port, Sliding Door Ware

PARKER -Expansion Valves, Filter Driers, Automotive Receiver Driers

PARKER SCEM -Solenoid Valves

RANCO -Pressure Controls, Refrigeration Thermostats, Air-Conditioning Thermostats, Automotive Air-Conditioning Thermostats

REVCOR -Fan Blades, Blower Wheels

SPORLAN -Expansion Valves, Filter Driers, Moisture Indicators, Solenoid Valves

SWEP -Heat Exchanger, Condenser & Evaporator

Company Profile

Established in 1943, Tong Kian International Pte Ltd has become one of the trusted names in the industry supplying excellent air conditioning and refrigeration parts. Our company is also known for our reliable after-sales service highlighting our good performance to customers.

We are here to import and export a wide range of parts and accessories for air conditioning, auto air conditioning, refrigeration and other equipment used for educational training.

Tong Kian International is a stockists and distributors of the following products:
• Compressors
- DORIN Semi Hermetic
- DORIN Open Type
- DORIN Transport Compressor
- BRISTOL 1-25hp
- HANBELL Screw Compressor
- SANYO Scroll Compressor

• Aircon Components
- MAGNETEK Fan Coil Motor
- ERIE Motorised Valve
- HONEYWELL Flow Switch
- RANCO Dual and Oil Pressure Controls
- O.E.M. A/C Components

• Refrigeration Components
- KASON Cold Room Hardware
- PARKER Air Conditioning Components & Parts
- PARKER Refrigerating Specialties
- ARTHERMO Digital Thermometer
- Water Cooled Condenser
- PARAGON Defrost Timer
- Tunnel Freezer
- AC & R Compressor Protective Devices

• HVAC/R & Automotive Service Tools & Equipment
- YELLOW JACKET Vacuum Pumps
- YELLOW JACKET Charging Manifolds
- Other soldering tools

• Automotive Aircon Components

• Educational Training Unit
- Refrigeration & Freezer Simulator
- Bench Power Supply
- Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Training Unit

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