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19 Brands

ACE -Industrial Shock Absorbers, Safety Shock Absorber, PET & Glass Shock Absorbers, Gas Springs, Etc

BUTECH -High Pressure Fittings, High Pressure Valves, Etc

CEJN -Air Coupling, Hydraulic Coupling, High Pressure Coupling, Air Gun, Tubing, High Pressure Hoses

DK-LOK -Stainless Steel Valve, Tube Fitting, Instrumentation Valve, Stainless Steel Tubing

ENPOS -Jacks, Hydraulic Tools, Torque Wrench, Pullers,Nut Splitters, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners, Hand Pump

EQOFLUIDS -Push Fit Modular Aluminum Piping Systems

FESTO -Pneumatic Equipment, Pneumatic Equipment Components, Cylinders, Valves, Fittings, Tubings

FITOK -Stainless Steel Valve, Tube Fitting, Instrumentation Valve, Stainless Tubing

HASKEL -High Pressure Liquid Pump, Gas Boosters, High Pressure Accessories, Seal Kits, Relief Valve, Etc

INTEVA -Ball Valves, Couplings, Check Valves, Hydraulic Couplings, Hose Couplings

RUELCO -Pressure Switch, Dial Pilots, Level Switches, Cages, Relays, Tattletale Indicator, Sand Probes

SCHUH TECHNOLOGY -Pressure Gauge, Switch, Transducers, Temperature Transmitter, Etc

SMC -Pneumatic Equipment, Pneumatic Components, Cylinders, Valves, Fittings, Tubings, Actuators

SMC -Slides, Dryers, Air Gun

THK -Linear Motion Bearings, Bearings, Slides

TORQLITE -Hydraulic Wrenches, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners, Nut Splitters, Echometer, Pneumatic Multipliers, Etc

TRANSFER OIL -High Pressure Thermoplastic Hose

WIKA -Pressure Gauges, Switches, Transmitters, Instrumentation & Temperature Transmitter

ZEUS -Extruded Tubing, Heat Shrink, Insulated Wire, Drawn Fiber, Teflon Tubing

Company Profile

TKH Engineering Pte. Ltd. is a dynamic company specialized in the field of pneumatic and hydraulic components and systems supply. We serve to provide quality engineering solutions and value added services to our client through our dedicated technical sales team covering the engineeering, manufacturing, electronics, medical, aerospace, oil and gas, shipbuilding and construction industry.

Our core operation is based in Singapore with various supporting arms in Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

Representing prestigious international leading brands in the pnuematic and hydraulic industries such as SMC, Haskel, Butech, Enpos, Inteva etc.... We strive to be the preferred solution provider for your engineering needs.

Our mission to achieve total customer satisfaction through valuable and effective engineering solution services remains to be the key driving force for our strong continuous growth.

We look forward to be of further service to you.

Country Territory :Singapore

Product News

EQOfluids Push Fit Modular Aluminum Piping Systems

Country of Product Origin: TKH Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Product Launch Date: Jun 19, 2018

IntroductionTKH Engineering Pte. Ltd. represent EQOfluid Energy Management Services and are leading manufacturers of PUSH FIT Modular Aluminum Piping System.Using efficient Aluminum Piping, EQOfluid have executed more than 5000 projects and hence effectively reduced energy costs by 25-30% as compared to conventional piping systems year on year. With our operations covering mostly all countries in Asia, having formidable reach and range which encompasses a complete solution platform for all pneum >>

Press Release

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