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TECH-FLO -Sandblasting Equipments

Company Profile

Established since 1973, Teck Yak Engineering Pte Ltd has been the leading Sandblasting Equipment manufacturer in Singapore, certified By Ministry of Manpower for Fabrication of Pressure Vessels. Coupled with the specialized expertise in Sandblasting that it has developed over 30 years, Teck Yak Engineering offers its customers a high level of service and commitment, as well as short turnaround-times and better-cost efficiencies. Its professional welders are certified by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to ensure that all products conformed to International standards.To date, Teck Yak Engineering has expanded its product from solely producing portable Pressure Blast Pots (certified by Ministry of Manpower) to fabricating other sandblasting products like Pressure Blast Cabinets, Suctions Blast Cabinets, Portable Suction Blasters, High Pressure Recovery Systems and Customized Sandblasting Cabinets. And we also provide Maintenance Servicing for all kinds of Sandblasting Cabinets both by Teck Yak and those from other Manufacturers.

Business Type :Manufacturer

Year Established :1973

Business Market :South East Asia, New Zealand, Middle East, Canada.

No. Of Employees :11 to 50

Annual Sales Range :<1 Million USD

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Pumps & Vacuum Equipment , Metallic Processing Machinery , Abrasives.

Certification :ASME

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