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46 Brands

ARTIFEX -Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses

BAND-IT -Clamping Products, Hose Couplings & Fittings

CLOUD -Rotary Portable Tank Cleaning Machines

DE BERNARDI -Flexible Insulation, Ventilation Hoses

DIAMOND -Dock BS 1435: 1987 Rubber Hoses

DIXON -Hose Couplings, Hose Fittings

EUROGOMMA -Rubber Hoses, Rubber & Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hoses

EVER-TITE -Cam Quick Couplings, Groove Quick Couplings

G & H -Circular Woven Textile Reinforced Layflat Hoses, Fire-Fighting, PU & Rubberised Layflat Hoses

GES -O.C.I.M.F. Marine Hoses

GUTTELING -Composite Hoses

HANFLEX -HP Oil Hoses, HP Chemical Hoses, HP Steam Hoses, Paint Hoses, Solvent Hoses, PVC/Thermoplastic Braided Hoses

HANKIL -Thermoplastic & PVC Re-Inforced Hoses, PVC/Thermoplastic Braided Hoses

HANKOOK -PVC Flexible Re-Inforced Hoses

HOSEBUN -Heavy Duty Hose Supporting Cradles

INTERPLAS -PVC Spiral Re-Inforced Flexible Hoses

KLAW -Safety Break Away Coupling

KLEISS -Pipeline Pigging Equipment & Corrosion Coatings

LUDECKE -Hose Clamps, Couplings, Fittings

MANDALS -Circular Woven Textile Reinforced Layflat Hoses

MANNTEK -Safety Break-Away & Dry-Disconnect Couplings

MANN-TEK -Safety Break-Away & Dry-Disconnect Couplings

MERLETT -Thermoplastic & PVC Re-Inforced Hoses, PVC Spiral Reinforced Flexible Hose

N C -PVC Spiral Wires, Polyester Re-Inforced Hoses

NITTO -Quick Connect Hose Couplings, Quick Disconnect Hose Couplings

PAGE INTERNATIONAL -Stainless Steel Hoses, Rubber Hoses, P.T.F.E Lined Flexible Hoses

PENFLEX -Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses

PETROFLEX -Dock BS 1435:1987 Rubber Hoses

POLYFORM -Floats & Buoys

PROPIPE -Pigging Equipment

PRO-TEC-TO -Spiral Wraps

PUREFLEX -Stainless Steel 304, 316 Flexible Hoses

REELCRAFT -Hose & Cable Reels

REFLEX -Tarpaulin Ventilation Ducting Hoses

RIVALIT -Rubber Hydraulic Hoses

SCANFLEX -Stainless Steel Flexible Hose

SUPEREX -Single Bolt Clamps, Double Bolt Clamps

SUPERFLEX -Stainless Steel Flexible Hose

T R B -PVC Hose, Thermoplastic Braided Hose

TECHNOFLEX -Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses

TMR/ROMAN SLEGER -Tank Cleaning Hoses, Saddles, Winches

TRB -Thermoplastic & PCV Re-Inforced Hoses

TRIDON -Hose Clips

TUBITHOR -Industrial Rubber Hose

UC -Hose Couplings & Fittings, Hose Cips

WITZENMANN -Constant & Variable Hangers, Pipe Supports

Company Profile

TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd, formerly known as Teck Beng Hardware Pte Ltd, was established in February 21, 1974. Our company is one of the leading suppliers of general hardware like hoses, anchors, wire ropes, fittings, hose couplings and many more. We offer high quality products and services to various industries including oil and gas, marine and other industrial sectors.

Over the years, we have proven our excellence and capabilities in the market that’s why we are now trusted by various manufacturers and distributors in the industry. We have an effective and highly efficient organization which acts as exclusive agent to their prominent and high quality brands.

Aside from trading and distribution of wide ranges of quality hoses, couplings and fitting, TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd is also capable of performing reliable value-added services such as servicing of tank cleaning systems and equipment, permanent hose and connection swaging processes and hose testing processes.

In addition, we recently distribute other industrial products like floatation collars, expansion bellows/joints, pigging equipments, pipe hangers and supports, special couplings, etc.

At TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd, we make sure that all our products and services will be on its highest quality.

Country Territory :Singapore

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