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50 Ubi Cres #01-08 Ubi Techpark S(408568)

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37 Brands

ALAN BROWN GAGE -Gages Block Set

ALLAN GAUGE & TOOL -API, Oil Field Gauges

AMES -Portable Testers

API SPEC 5B & 7 -API Premium Thread Inspection Systems

ASTM-E10 -Brinell Hardness Testing

ASTM-E18 -Rockwell Hardness Testing

ASTM-E384 -MicroVicker Hardness Testing

ASTM-E92 -Vickers Hardness Testing

BARCOL IMPRESSOR -Portable Testers

BUEHLER -Grinders, Mounting Press, Polishers, Precision Cutters Micro Structural Analysis

CAMERON BALL GAGE -API Inspection Gauges

DAVID L ELLIS -Standardize Master Blocks

ELECTROARC -Portable Testers

EQUITEK -Standardize Master Block

EXTEC -Supplies For Metallographic Cutting, Grinding, Mounting & Polishing Consumables & Accessories

FACSIMILE -Metrology Casting Material

FLEXBAR -Video Inspection System, Metrology Instruments

GAGEMAKER -API Premium Thread Inspection Systems

GAGEMAKER MIC-TRAC -Metrology Measuring System

HARDNESS CALIBRATOR -Hardness Tester Repair, Hardness Tester Service, Hardness Tester Calibration

HEMCO -API, Oil Field Gauges

IMADA -Force Push & Pull Gauges

JBO -Screw Ring & Plug Gauges

KING -Portable Brinell Hardness Testing

KLONEN -Metrology Casting Material

LONE STAR -API, Oil Field Gauges

METKON -Metallographic Cutting, Mounting, Grinding & Polishing Machines

MEYER GAGE -Pin Gages, Plug Gages

MUELLER GAGES -API Inspection Gauges

PMC LONE STAR -API & Oil Field Gauges

PMC-LONE STAR -API Master & Working Ring & Plug Gauges

REICHERTER -Hardness Testing System

REPRORUBBER -Metrology Casting Material

TELEBRINELLER -Portable Tester

THREADMASTER -Screw Ring & Plug Gauges

WILSON INSTRUMENTS -Hardness Testing Systems

WOLPERT-WILSON -Hardness Testing Systems

Company Profile

Sunrich Technologies was incorporated as a Distribution / Marketing / Service & Repair company with its core business activities encompassing Distribution and Supply, install, testing, repair, commission, calibration, and retrofit of products and services as well as to provide excellence after sales services.

Business Type :Distributor

Annual Sales Range :1,000,000.00

Country Territory :India; Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam

Operating Hours :24 Hours

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