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Aluminium Fabricator

• Aluminium Cladding • Bullnose • Lourve Sunshade • Trellis • Composite Panels • Curtain Wall • Aluminium Coping • Lourve Curve Plate • Perforated Panels • Embossed Panels • Motif Grilles •


Steel Fabrication

Provide welding, assembly & punch holes on plates, angles, brackets, "C" channels, "I" beam & etc.Steel Fabrication• Steel Structure• Brackets• Curtain Wall Brackets• Cast In Embed Brackets• Steel


Sheet Metal Bending

Using CNC Pressbrake Machine, require in sheet metal fabrication that able to bend all kinds of profile in a much easier way that place in line with the advance technology of CNC Turret and



The V-Cutting machine is directed to v-groove cutting process for enhancing a quality and productivity for a bending work before a bending process of stainless steel, aluminium are


CNC Punching

We provide CNC punching for many different kinds of metal. CNC Plate punching line for thick plates and can drill different types of holes with multiple number of holes in a simple process. In a matter of seconds, the solution to the productivity and efficiency is answered. Especially for


Metal Perforation

Turret AutoloadProvides continuous, uninterrupted processing, delivering more value productivity for punching applications. The systems reduces manual worksheet handling time and thereby provide effeciency


CNC Machining

Machining For Aluminium Extrusions CNC 4-axes mobile upright machining centre enables to machine 5 sides of the profile. A 7-position storage magazine is used for tool change-over, which greatly reduces change-over time. It is particularly useful for machining frames, sectional


Plasma Cutting

CNC Flame Plasma A high definition plasma cutting machine that cuts thick and heavy Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel


Laser Cutting Service

Using CNC Laser Cutting Machine, practically able to cut all kinds of profile that leaves an impressive cutting edge and precise accuracy. Laser Cutting up to 8mm thick Alum, 12mm thick stainless steel and 20mm thick Mild Steel Sheet and all other types of


Aluminium Cladding

With the new addition of CNC Turret Autoload & CNC Pressbrake machines, we have the capability to achieve impressive delivery result on Aluminium claddings and Aluminium perforation.This would be the answer to the short lead time to


Stainless Steel Cutting

- Shearing Machine- Laser Machine- Plasma MachineWe have the machines that can cater to your requirements for stainless steel cutting, be it shearing, fine cut or thick plate


Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless Steel Fabrication• Cladding (for shopfront, entrance door, lift lobby & etc)• Bent Sheets• Brackets• Perforated sheets• Handrail• Spider Clamp Holders• Non-Directional Stainless Steel Cladding


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