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30 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #03-13/14 Empire Technocentre S(417819)

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4 Brands

STATCLEAN -Medical, Cleanroom & Static Control, Packaging, Anti-Static & Conductive Materials, Pdts & Eqpt

STATCLEAN -Pharmaceutical Products, Biotechnology Products, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Biotechnology Equipment

STATTECH -Medical Eqpt, Cleanroom Eqpt, Static Control Eqpt, Packaging Eqpt, Anti-Static Eqpt , Conductive Materials

STATTECH -Pharmaceutical Products, Biotechnology Products, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Biotechnology Equipment

Company Profile

STATCLEAN TECHNOLOGY has been recognized as a leader in manufacturing ultra-clean packaging materials for both Electronics and Pharmaceutical Industry. The unsurpassed quality of our clean film fortifies our reputation for superior products, prompt services and reliable technical support.

Our clean packaging products are certified to levels of cleanliness in accordance to our customers' strictest requirements, backed by our testing certificates and documentation. Over the years, we strive to build a wide network of satisfied customers around the world in various industries such as HDD Data Storage, Semiconductor, Medical Devices, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical.

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