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SSB -ISO Tanks, Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Company Profile

Established in 1996, SSB Cryogenic Equipment Pte Ltd (SSBCEPL) focus on supplying high purity cryogenic bulk liquids such as LAR, LCO2, LIN, LOX, Ethylene, LNG to gas and marine industry, as well as providing ISO tank management, namely repair, maintenance and re-certification service. With a fleet of more than 250 ISO tanks (T50 & T75) readily available for leasing, SSBCEPL is the largest ISO tank lessor in Southeast Asia, providing transportation and distribution support and supply of cryogenic bulk liquids on a constant and turnkey basis within the region.

SSB Cryogenic Service Pte Ltd (SSBCSPL), a subsidiary of SSBCEPL, specialises in a wide variety of marine and cryogenic services such as Nitrogen Purging, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Liquefaction & Storage Turnkey Solutions. SSBCSPL is currently 1 of the 3 service providers in the world certified by GTT to render LNG Membrane Global & Helium Leak Test.

To enhance company’s overall distribution solutions in LNG industry, SSBCSPL together with its overseas counterpart, expand into the provision and construction of small-scale LNG Membrane vessels which is suitable for small-scale marine and coastal transportation & distribution, ship-to-ship break bulk and off-shore storage solutions.

List of Products and Services:

ISO Tanks & Cryogenic Bulk Liquids Supply

- Largest ISO Tank Lessor in Southeast Asia (T50 & T75)
- ISO Tank Repair, Maintenance and Re-Certification Service
- Supply and Transportation of Cryogenic Bulk Liquids (LAR, LCO2, LIN, LOX, LNG, Ethylene, etc.)

Marine & Cryogenic Services

- Nitrogen Purging (Vessels, Storage Tanks, Pipelines & Terminals)
- Ship Inerting and Nitrogen Blanketing
- Cryogenic Recovery, Storage and Reloading
- Marine Pipeline Pressure Testing
- Marine Cargo Tank System Commissioning
- Gassing Up and Cooling Down of Pipelines, Storage Tanks and Vessels.

LNG Membrane Testing & Repair

- Non-Destructive Testing for LNG Membrane Vessels
- Global Test
- Secondary Barrier Tightness Test (SBTT)
- Acoustic Emission Test
- Helium Leak Test
- Provision and Construction of Small-Scale LNG Membrane Barge/Vessels

Turnkey Projects

- Design, Supply, Install and Commissioning of Plants & Receiving Storage Systems (MLNG Plant, ASU Plant, CO2 Production and Refilling Plant, Cryogenic Storage and Vaporisation System, etc.)

Country Territory :Singapore

Certification :

- GTT Certification - Vacuum Tightness Testing Capacity on GTT Membrane LNG Tanks (SSBCSPL)
- LRQA Approval of Service Suppliers - Global Vacuum Testing of Primary and Secondary Barriers (SSBCSPL)
- ABS Certificate of Service Recognition - Barrier Testing of Gas Carriers with Membrane CCS (SSBCSPL)
- ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
- ISO/TS 29001:2010 Quality Management System
- bizSAFE4 Certified

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