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7 Brands

AUTOJET TECHNOLOGIES -Spraying System Automated Control

FLUID AIR -Spraying System - Pharmaceutical Equipment

JETAIR -Blower

PATHOSANS -Cleaning & Sanitizing

SPRAYING SYSTEMS CO -Spraying System Nozzles

SSCO -Spraying System Nozzles

TANKJET -Spraying System Nozzles

Company Profile

With over 75 years of experience in the industry, Spraying Systems Co (S) Pte Ltd is now one of the leading spray nozzle manufacturers worldwide. We provide comprehensive range of spray nozzles and accessories that are available in different spray patterns like flat fan, fullcone, hollow cone, solid stream, fine mist. These are also offered in variety of spray angles, pressure, flow rate, and construction materials suitable for specific industry application.

Together with dependable sales engineers and staff, Spraying Systems Co (S) Pte Ltd works closely with our customers to determine solutions to various problems. Thus, we can provide the appropriate spray products and accessories needed to increase their product yield.

Following are the list of spray application:-
* Tank Cleaning 
* Airless Coating
* Viscous Heated System Coating
* Fire Protection
* Gas Conditioning
* Washing / Cleaning / Blow Drying
* Fine Misting for cooling
* Odor Control
* Dust Control
* Spray Lubrication
* Sanitizing

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