Sintech Scientific (S E A) Pte Ltd

194 Pandan Loop #04-11 Pantech Business Hub S(128383)

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19 Brands

AGC INSTRUMENTS -Customised GC, On Line GC

B/R INSTRUMENT -Recycling Laboratory Distillation Equipment, Environmental Vacuum Distillation, Environmental Micro Distillation, Environmental Petroleum Distillation

CONOSTAN/SCP SCIENCE -Oil Analysis Standard

COPE SCIENTIFIC -Laboratory Equipment & Scientific Equipment

COSTECH -Elemental Consumables, CHNS-O Analyser

ELMA -Ultrasonic Cleaners

HEA -Shear Stability Test Rig, BAADER Ageing Tester

KOEHLER INSTRUMENT -Petroleum, Petrochemical Testing Equipment Ruler, Condition Monitoring, Tribology Instrument

MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL ANALYTECH -Karl Fischer Moisture Meter, Reagent Automatic Titrator, S, CI, N, Tox Analyser, AQF-100

PAMAS -Particle Counting System, Waste Water Contamination Control, Liquid Contamination Control, Oil Water Based Contamination Control

RAVENFIELD -High Shear Rate, Cold Shear, Automatic Capillary, Cone, Plate Viscometer, Journal Bearing Simulator

RESTEK -Chromatography Supplies Columns, Vials & Syringes Instrument Supplies

RIGO -Automatic Petroleum Tester

THERMOFISHER SCIENTIFIC -Gas Chromatograph, Cryostat, Cooler, Fogging Tester

TKA -High Purity Water System, Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis

TOKI SANGYO -Rheometer, Viscometer

UIC INC -Total Carbon, Total Organic Carbon, Total Inorganic Carbon Analysers

VICI -Valco Valves, Actuators, Injectors

YAMATO -Scientific Instruments, Curing Oven, Plasma System Laboratory Design & Engineering

Company Profile

Incorporated in 1996, Sintech Scientific (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd specializes in the distribution of Scientific and Laboratory Analysers & supporting Instruments/Equipments for the QA / QC, manufacturing / process control, Institutions, Universities, R&D sectors.

More than 20 years of accumulated experiences in Scientific field with factories trained engineers

Industries Cover
Include; Biotechnology, Chemical, Academics, Energy, Environment, Food, Forensics, Industrial & Specialty Gases, Independent Laboratories, Life Science, Mining, Petroleum / Petrochemical, Offshore Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductors / Electronics.

Sintech's Support & Customer Care
Installation / Commissioning / Repair / Calibration & User's Training / After Warranty Customer's Care Contract

Representative/CEO :Jonathan Chia (Sales)

Business Type :Analyser, Test Equipments Distribution & Technical Support

Year Established :1996

Business Market :Laboratory, Manufacturing Sector & Academic Institutions

No. Of Employees :9

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Oil & Gas (Offshore), Specialty Chemical & Petrochemical, Food & Life Science, Semiconductors & Electronics

Operating Hours :8.30 am – 5.30 pm (Monday – Friday)

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