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49 Brands

BOSCH -Electric Power Tools

BRAUER -Toggle Clamps

CROMPTON GREAVES -Electric Motors, Induction Motors

D.I.D DAIDO -Roller Chains, Roller Sprockets

DEVCON -Adhesives

DIAMOND -Abrasive, Grinding Disk, Cutting Disk

ELORA -Hand Tools, Hardware

FUJI -Air Tools

GENERAL CHIPBREAKER -Cutting Tools, Drill Bits

HAWERA -SDS Masonary Drill Bits

HERNON -Adhesives

HITACHI -Electric Power Tools

ITO -Bar Screen, Roots Blower

KANETEC -Magnetic Equipment & Tools

KANON -Measuring Tools

KINGS -Safety Helmets, Shoes, Eyewear, Safety Harness

KOIKE -Gas Cutting, Welding Equipment, Plasma Cutting, Regulator

KULLEN -Abrasives, Wire Cup Brushes, Wheels

KURODA -Boring Heads

LOCTITE -Adhesives

MAKISHINKO -Worm Gears, Speed Reducers

MAKITA -Electric Power Tools

MEIJI -Spray Guns & Air Compressors

MERCER -Measuring Instruments

MIKI PULLEY -Clutches, Brakes, Transmissions, Couplings


MIURA -Abrasive, Grinding Disk, Grinding Wheel, Economy Roll, Sand Paper

NBK -Pulleys, Etc

NITTO KOHKI -Couplers, Air Tools, Electric Tools

OPTIMUM -Hand Gloves, Working Gloves, Welding Gloves

OSG -Precision Cutting Tools, Taps, Endmills, Drill Bits

PFERD -Burrs, Mounted Points

PRESTAR -Hand Trolley

RECORD -Pipe Tools, Bender, Vise

REFIMEX -Pipe Bending Machines

ROCKETT -Tool Boxes, Tool Cabinet, Key Holder

SIMPLEX -Hydraulic Jacks, Nut Splitles, Torque Wrench

SORMAT-PFG -Expansion Bolts, Anchor Bolts

STAHLWILLE -Hand Tools, Torque Wrench, Multiplier

STANLEY -Hand Tools, Levelling Equipment, Lasers, Construction Tools

SUGINO -Tools-Boiler

SUMITOMO -Power Transmission Equipment, Geared Motor

TAP MAGIC -Cutting Lubricant

TAPMATIC -Tapping Attachments, Coolants, Metal Machining & Working

TERRY -Hose Clips & Clamps

TUNGALOY -Cutting Tools, Carbide Inserts

VITAL -Chain Blocks

WAIDA -Boring Machines

YUKIWA -Holding Tools, Collets

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