Sing Brothers Hardware Pte Ltd

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22 Brands

ARMEG -SDS Plus & SDS Max Hammer Drill Bits

BRAIN -Paint Rollers, Hammers, Drywall Tapes, Alum Flash Tapes, Safety Tapes, Cup Brushes, Drill Bits;

BRAIN -HSS Drill Bits, Drill Bits Sets, Taper Shank, Reduced Shank, Masonry SDS Plus Hammer Bits

BRAIN -Expansion Bolts, Expanding Plugs, Self Ignition Blow Torch, Camping Gas, Etc

BRIAN -Wood Auger Bits, Ratchet Wrenches, TCT Hole Saws, Chisels, Installation Kit, Flex Sockets

BRIAN -Circular Saw Blades, Snips, Measuring Tapes, Bolt Cutters, Power Bits

HANS -Hoses, Hand Tools, Sprayers, Solder Wires, Floor Gratings, Brass Hinges, Barrel Bolts, Hammers

HANS -Trowels, Paint Rollers, Wrenches, Measuring Tapes, Utility Cutters, Casters, Door Pulls, Garden Tools

HUNTER -Drywall Screws, Spandlex Screws, Tapping Screws, Germany Products, Etc

INTERFLEX -Top Graded Sanding Abrasive Discs

K-PRIX -Mounted Stones "A", "B", "M" & "W"

MEPRO -High Quality Aluminium Levels

MITSANA -Metal Tool Boxes

NUSHARP -High Quality Scissors, Shears & Cutters

OKB -Brass Wires Brushes

PORTA -Drill Chucks & Accessories

PRESSOL -Lever Grease Gun & Accessories, Oil Cans

SHUTER -Storage Bins, Tool Boxes, Drawer Cabinets

SUNNY -Double Sided Measuring Tapes, Concrete Nails, Abrasive Discs, Rivets

VICO -Top Security Padlocks; Masterkey & Key-Alike Padlocks Set

WACKER -Tailor-Made Silicones Sealant; Sanitary, General Purpose, Glazing & Metal

WARRIOR -Locksets, Sanitary-Wares, Lever Blocks, Chain Blocks, Brass Fittings, Slings, Nylon Hinge, Etc

Company Profile

We are a 100% trusted Stockists, Importers and Exporters in Singapore with all sort of required hardwares and tools of our own carried unique brands. We are exporting most of our products to Brunei, East/West Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Maldives, and Myanmar. We are also dealing with sanitary-wares, safety products and related hardware products such as Sanitary Taps, Mixers, Valves, Massage Sliding Shower Sets, Toilet Sprayers, Shower Hoses, PVC Hi Net Hoses, PVC Clear Hoses, Pipe Fittings, webbing slings, Ratchet Tie Downs, Chain Blocks, Lever Hoist Blocks, Hammers, Saws, Cutters, Screws, etc

Representative/CEO :Mr. Sunny Hoh

Business Type :Distributor

Year Established :1983

Business Market :Myanmar, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and

No. Of Employees :22

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Hardwares, Locks, Sanitary wares, Screws, Silicones

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