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12 Brands

GLORY -Mica Sheets

HELIOS -Industrial Heaters, Heating Tapes, Filter Elements

LAURIE WHELAN -Automatic Water Urns

PEARLCO -Ceramic Infra-Red Heaters

PLT -Waterproof Connectors

RESISTOHM -Nichrome Wires

ROTFIL -Industrial Heaters

SAKAGUCHI -Industrial Heaters

SEIWA -Sealed Brand Heaters, Heating Tapes

SHODEN -Industrial Heaters, Thermocouple, Oven, Furnaces, Shower Heater Tank Assembly, Hotplate

SHODEN -Transformers, Battery Chargers, UPS Systems, Frequency Converters, Industrial, Mica Band

SHODEN -Voltage Stabilizers & Auto-Transformers

Company Profile

Shoden Pte Ltd, a name that is greeted with approval and trust.

Shoden is one of the most established manufacturing and service group operating within ASEAN region and certain part of the European nations. Shoden management has a proven record in project works on a wide variety of projects in many parts of ASEAN, to the fullest satisfaction of its clients. The technical and project management expertise of its personnel and its thoroughly professional approach and willingness to tailor its services to suit the specific needs of each project job or client is just some of the leading characters in Shoden's success story. This amalgamation of engineering, design and management companies operating under the systematic and organized Shoden management is perhaps the magic formula of success, which few can attain but of which many are envious. With such a formula, Shoden cannot help but to provide a blend of professional expertise, experience, talent, stability and integrity. Shoden is also the sole agent and distributor for the following world renown and quality electrical products including Industrial Heaters, Transformers, Battery Chargers, UPS Systems, Frequency Converters, Mica Sheets, Transformer Cores, Silicon Steel Strips, Automatic Water Urn, Ceramic Infra Red Heaters, Sealed Band Heaters, Heating Tapes, Nichrome Wires, Silicon Rubber Heaters, Temperature Controllers, Thermocouples, Bobifil Machine, and Low Voltage Switchboard.

We at Shoden had pledged to provide only quality products and customer satisfaction. We envision our customers as business partners who would enable us to achieve excellence in service. Our reputation for putting the customer first in every area of our operations is our heritage, and it is a heritage we would always be proud to pass on. The success of the customers we serve is the Shoden success. The latest technology and the best expertise available anywhere in ASEAN are what we at Shoden had promised to our valuable customers. It is Shoden's policy to utilize the high skills that exist in other specialist companies of alike discipline, thus establishing a mix of professional ability that will best suit the needs of any particular project assignment. With the best mix of technology, it is no wonder that Shoden will provide up-to-date solution that enables our customer to enjoy our professional high quality services. With Shoden around, our customers will always armed with the newest technology and thus be granted with an instant passport to success. And so, the Shoden success lives on.

Representative/CEO :David Lee (Managing Director)

Business Type :Industrial Heating Solution Provider

Country Territory :Singapore

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