Schmidt Electronics (South East Asia) Pte Ltd

29 Woodlands Ind Pk E1 #02-02 Northtech S(757716)

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32 Brands

CIRCADIANT -Optical Tester Equipment

CONNECTONE -Internet Controller Chipset

DESEN -PCBA Automatic Screen Printer Equipment

DIPLAN -PCBA Manufacturing Automation Software, Tracebility Software

ELP -LCD, OLED Test Equipment

EPCOS -Components

ETUAN -Dispenser, Conformal Coating

EXTECH ELECTRONICS -Safety Testers, Electronics Load, Power Sources, Auto Test System

FALCOM -GPS Wireless Module

FLUKE -Electrical Calibration Equipment, Temperature Calibration Equipment

GLOBALSAT -GPS Wireless Module

GRAPHTEC -Thermal Array Recorders & Multichannel Recorders Equipment, Mini Logger

HORIBA -X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) ROHS Elemental Analyser Equipment

KIKUSUI -AC/DC Power Supplies, Insulation Testers, Withstanding Voltage Testers, EMC Test Systems

KIKUSUI -Electronic Load, Leakage Current, Battery Test System, Signal Generator, Harmonic Analyzer

KINCE -PCBA Reflow Oven Equipment

KONICA-MINOLTA -Colour Analyser

KONICS -Controls

MACROSCIENCE -X-Ray Inspection Equipment (2D,3D CT, Laminography)

MTESCO -Temperature, Humidity Chamber

NEC AVIO -Infrared Thermography Camera

NEMSTEK -Plasma Cleaning, Plasma Treatment

NESLAB -Chillers, Heat Exchangers (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

NF -Frequency Response Analyzer, Signal Generators, Amplifiers, Filters, Programmable Power Supplies

PRINTAR -PCB Digital Legend Printers Equipment

RIGOL -Oscilloscopes, Waveform Generator & Multimeter Equipment

SCHMIDT RFID -RFID Solution Provider

SEMES -Semiconduct & FPD Equipment (Wet Clean, Etch, CVD, etc)

SHIBASOKU -Semiconductor Tester

SIEMENS -Wireless Modules

SIERRA WIRELESS INC -3G Wireless Mini Card


Company Profile

Schmidt Electronics Asia Limited is one of Asia’s leading integrated technology and service providers with over 40 years of experience in the electronics industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Leveraging on our well established brand name, we offer a unique bundle of value-added products and services to a broad and diversified customer base from a variety of industrial as well as non-industrial segments. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Schmidt has a network of operations in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, India and Europe, giving customers the benefits of local presence, regional support and consistent service. We serve a wide variety of industrial sectors such as semiconductor and passive components, communications, automotive, consumer and industrial electronics, as well as non-industrial sectors such as government institutions, research and educational institutions, and service providers.

Country Territory :Singapore

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