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12 Brands

BK HOLLAND -Nylon, Polyester Synthetic Web, Round Sling

BUDGIT -Non-Spark Safety Chain Hoist

CPS -Zinc Anode, Aluminium Anode

DONG YANG -Nylon Ropes, Polyester Ropes, Polypropylene Ropes

DSR -Nylon Ropes, Polyester Ropes, Polypropylene Ropes

JIANGYIN WOLONG -Liftboat, Rescue Boat & Davit

MANHO -Nylon Ropes, Polyester Ropes, Polypropylene Ropes

PERRY -Marine Buoy, Offshore Buoy

RIC -Marine Deck Fittings

TOYO -Chain Block


WUXI HAILIAN -Window & Door

Company Profile

Established in 1989, Ric Marine Pte Ltd is one of the top 5 biggest marine suppliers in Singapore. Our annual sales volume is SGD60 Million and we are proud to be ranked in Singapore 1000. As an ISSA member and certified by ISO9001:2008, we always endeavor to provide our excellent service to the customer and we treat our reputation as our precious assets.

Our Business Scope comprises of:

1. Ship Supply / Ship Chandler

We supply hundreds of vessels monthly during their calls to Singapore and various China ports. Our worldwide customers are from Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, UK, Switzerland, USA, Italy, and Turkey…etc. Our supply scope covers full range including Deck, Engine, Cabin, Electrical parts, Fresh and Dry Provision and bonded stores.

2 Manufacturer, Stockiest and Supplier for Zinc / Aluminum Anodes

We have our own factory in Singapore to produce all kinds of anodes. We also have our design force to provide professional positioning drawing for installation. Our anodes are famous for its quality and we also provide our excellent after sales services, thus we are the leading marine cathodic protection producer provider in Singapore.

3. Marine & Offshore Equipment Stockiest & Supply

To cater the need of shipyards for the new building projects, as well as the urgent need from the ship owners on the ship repairing projects, Ric Marine becomes a major stockiest and distributor for a series of marine and offshore equipment. Certain items, we keeps substantial stocks in Singapore, certain items we keep stock at China.

Further, due to our profound relationship with the Chinese marine equipment factory, we are proud to be the Exclusive Representative of a number of China factories in the following list of areas. We are able to offer the most competitive prices for the following items directly from the factories in China. Thus enable us to be one of the key suppliers to the new building projects in Singapore and regional countries. Our supply scope includes:

1) Deck Mooring Equipment
Anchor, Stud Link Anchor Chain, Stud Less Anchor Chain;
Deck Fittings: Mooring Pipe, Panama Chock, Bollards, Fairleads, Cross Bitts;
Chain Stoppers, Devil’s Claw;
Synthetic Ropes: PP, PP/PE Mixed, Nylon, Manila, Mooring Tails; (Korean and China)
Mooring Wires: Gal / Un-Gal steel wire rope, Stainless Steel Wire rope;
Container Lashing: Twist lock, Turnbuckle, Lashing Bar;

2) Deck Outfit Equipment
Marine Doors: Weather-tight, Watertight, Fire rated, Hydraulic Sliding;
Marine Windows: Welded Type, Bolt & Nut Type, Fire Rated, With Heating Elements;
Side Scuttles (Port Holes); Skylights;
Hatch Cover, Manhole Cover;
Accommodation Ladder, Embarkation Ladder, Pilot Ladder, Gangway;
Air Vent Head;
Zinc / Aluminum Anode; ICCP System, MGPS System;
Rubber Fender: D type, round type, W type, Cylinder Type, Wharf Fender;
Pneumatic / Foam Filled Rubber Fender;

3) Deck Machinery & Propulsion
Windlass, Winches, Capstan: Manual, Electric type, Hydro-electric type;
Cargo/Fuel Hose handling Crane, Provision Crane, Engine Room Crane;
Rudder, Rudder Stock;
Propeller Shaft assembly, Stern Tube, Shaft Boss;
Steering Gear;
Oily Water Separator, Sewage Plant;
Boiler, Water Heater;

4) Life Safety Equipment
Total Enclosed Life Boat, Free Fall Lifeboat;
Rescue Boat, Fast Rescue Boat (FRC), MOB Boat, Work Boat;
Life Boat Davit: Gravity Type, Free Fall Lifeboat Davit, Platform Davit;
Life Raft, Life Buoy, Life Jacket;
Life Jacket Light, Life Saving Accessories;

5) Offshore Equipment
Drag Anchor;
Offshore Mooring Chain: R3, R3S, R4 Grade;
Mooring Buoy: Foam filled, steel type;
Clump Weight;
Major Casting & Forging Items According to Customer Design;

6) Other Equipment
Cable Ladder, Cable Tray;
Rock Wool, Wall Panel;
Bathroom Unit;
Rigging Hardware: Shackle, Turnbuckle

Representative/CEO :Yu Heng

Business Type :Marine & Offshore Equipment Supply

Year Established :1989

Business Market :Marine & Offshore Industry

No. Of Employees :80

Annual Sales Range :SGD60M

Country Territory :China; Singapore; Singapore and regional countries

Certification :


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