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33 Brands

AEROQUAL LIMITED -Portable & Fixed Gas Monitors For VOC, Ozone, Ammonia, CO, CO2, Perchloroethylene & Etc

AFC INTERNATIONAL, INC -Bump Test Station (For Testing Gas Detectors)

BIOS INTERNATIONAL CORP -Primary Flowmeters, Personal Air Samplers, Multi-Channels, Environmental Air Samplers

CASTLE -Noise Monitors, Vibration Monitors

COLTRACO LIMITED -Liquid Level Indicators & Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

CRITICAL ENVIRONMENT TECH -Indoor Air Quality Monitors, Transmitters, Gas Detection Instruments & Controllers

DELTATRAK -In-Transit Temperture Recorder, Humidity Recorder, In-Transit Temperture Data Loggers, Humidity Data Loggers, Digital Thermo-Hygrometers

EDINBURGH INSTRUMENTS LTD -OEM Gas Sensors & Electronics, Gas Monitors For Methane, CO2, Hexane, General Hydrocarbons

EDINBURGH INSTRUMENTS LTD -OEM Gas Sensors & Electronics, Gas Monitors For Nitrous Oxide, Ammonia, Refrigerated Gases

ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS -Personal/Gas Monitors & Indoor Air Quality Monitors

EROQUAL LIMITED -Portable & Fixed Gas Monitors For VOC, Ozone, Ammonia, CO, CO2 Perchloroethylene & Etc

GAS DATA -Landfill Gas Analyser, Infra Red CO2 Analyser

GASTEC CORPORATION (JAPAN) -Gas Detector Tubes, Passive Dosimeter-Tubes, Waste Water Testing Kits & Smoke Tester

GILIAN -Air Sampling Pumps

GLOBAL WATER -Level Control, Flow Control, Samplers Control, Water Quality Control, Weather Remote Monitoring Control

IKA -Hot Plate, Magnetic Stirrers, Overhead Stirrers, Orbital Shakers, Rotary Evaporators, Etc

KERN -Laboratory Balances, Industrial Balances, Moisture Analyser

KINEMATICA AG -Laboratory Homogenizing Dispersing Mixing Systems, Process Homogenizing Dispersing Mixing Systems

KOC -Oil Purifier, Oil Filters

MERCURY INSTRUMENTS -Mercury Analysis Liquids, Continuous Measurement In Air & Other Gases, Mercury Stack

MESA -Disposable Gas Cylinder

PACER INDUSTRIES -Temperature Meter, Humidity Meter, Air Flow Meter, Sound Meter, Light Meter, Halogen Gas Leak Meter, Windspeed Meter, Tachometer

PBI INTERNATIONAL -Disposables Labware, Bacteriologicals Labware, Sterile Labware, Safety Labware, Microbiologicals Labware, Plastic Labware

PPM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED -Formaldehyde Meter, Glutaraldehyde Meter, Indoor Air Quality Monitor

PPM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED -Portable & Fixed Gas Detection For Formaldehyde & Other Toxic Gases

RAE SYSTEMS -Portable Gas Detection System, Voc Monitors

SENSIDYNE -Fixed Gas Detection System & Fire & Flame Detectors,ELDS Open Path Gas Detectors

TRANS INSTRUMENTS -Water Quality Testers

TURNKEY -Airborne Particle Monitors

YES ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGIES -Particulate Air Quality Monitors, Dataloggers, CO2 Controller, Ventilation Control

YOKOGAWA -Gas Leak Detectors

YSI -PH Meter, Conductivity Meter, TDS Meter, DO Meter, Water Test Kit

ZEFON -Bioaerosol Samplers, Indoor Air Quality Sampling Equipment & Bio-Pump

Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 1999, Ray Scientific Pte. Ltd. started to supply quality scientific and environmental instrumentation for research, process, safety and environmental instrumentation.
We carry and provide after-sales support for a good range of excellent quality and standardised products that we represent for our reputable principals & suppliers.
With our vast experience and knowledge on these products, we look forward to helping you find and apply the right technology for your applications.
Ray Scientific Pte. Ltd. is an authorised distributor & agent for the following principals/suppliers:

Sensidyne, Lp – Manufacturer and distributor of gas detection and air sampling instrumentation and a major supplier of gas detection tubes.

RAE Systems (by Honeywell) – A Leading Global Provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas and radiation detection systems that enable real-time safety and
   security threat detection. RAE Systems offers a full line of wirelessly enabled solutions including personal, hand-held, transportable, and fixed instruments designed to meet the
   needs of any scenario.

Edinburgh Instruments Ltd – Edinburgh Sensors provides high quality gas sensing solutions globally, using proven technology to deliver OEM gas sensors and Gas                Monitors that are smart, efficient and easy-to-use.

PPM Technology Ltd - An established manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed gas detection instruments based on electrochemical sensing technology. PPM                    instruments monitor levels of hazardous compounds in air such as formaldehyde and other toxic gases.

Environmental Sensors Co. – Offers a complete line of analytical instruments for toxic chemical vapour detection and monitoring. ESC gas monitors are designed to monitor
   indoor air quality where varying amounts of the targeted gas are expected to be present.

Advanced Chemical Sensors, Inc. - ACS monitoring badges can help you find out if you are exposed to toxic chemical vapours that can be harmful to your health. ACS
   monitoring badges have been used to measure indoor air quality for over 30 years.

Castle Groups LTD – One of the world’s leading specialists in technical health and safety and environment solutions. Castle Groups offers diverse range of level meters and
   instrumentation such as Sound Level Meters, Vibration Meters, Air Sampling Equipment, Gas Detection Meters, Audiometers, Noise Activated Warning Systems, Medical Testing
   Equipment, Dose Meters, Light Meters, Anemometers, Thermometers and Hygrometers..etc.

Gastec Corporation – Manufacturer import/export and distribution of direct reading detector tubes & gas detectors.

Global Water Instrumentation – A leading Manufacturer, Distributor and Systems Integrator of water instrumentation serving the water, wastewater and environmental

Zefon International, Inc. – Manufacturer and Supplier of sampling equipment used to monitor indoor environmental, occupational health and safety conditions. In addition to    the wide array of products, Zefon is a supplier of many other products that compliments their own sampling products.

Critical Environment Technologies – Is known as an industry leader and innovator for the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) market. YES portable IAQ monitors are well established        and acceptable brand worldwide. It is synonymous with quality products, competitive pricing and excellent service.

International PBI – Is a recognised worldwide supplier for microbiological, physical, chemical laboratory products being widely used in the diary, agro-food, pharmaceutical,
   biotechnology, hospital and life science fields. International PBI manufactures Air Samplers, Surface Samplers, Sampling Devices, Media Preparators, Petri Dish Fillers, Colony
   Counters, UV equipment, Autoclaves, Formaldehyde Sterilisers .. etc.

• DeltaTrak®, Inc. - is a leading innovator of cold chain management and temperature monitoring solutions. DeltaTrak's product line includes a wide range of temperature and      humidity data loggers and wireless systems. DeltaTrak also develops and manufacture high quality portable test instruments that monitor / record temperature and humidity.      Their comprehensive cold chain management systems also include professional digital probe and infrared thermometers. Industries served include food / food safety,                      pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, and industrials. Any business with temperature-sensitive commodities, inclusive of processing, manufacturing, storage, shipping and        handling, can benefit from implementing the ColdTrak system. They also offer third party certified calibration services. These services can be used to support compliance,                traceability, validation, and quality assurance programs. Calibration services may even be used as evidence for insurance claims pertaining to poorly handled temperature              sensitive commodities.

• Calgaz International LLC - Is the global leader in specialty calibration gases manufactured in the USA and UK, offering a full-range of gas and cylinder offerings for safety,          marine, hygiene, and health.
…. and plus many other reputable principals/suppliers.

Representative/CEO :Dennis Tan

Business Type :Trading and Service

Year Established :1999

Business Market :Diverse

Country Territory :All of ASEAN

Industry Focus :Broad-based

Operating Hours :Monday to Friday: 0900hrs - 1800hrs

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