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12 Brands

CATU -Electrical Safety Equipments & Safety Signs


FLUKE -Measuring & Testing Equipments

INGERSOLL RAND -Pumps & Compressors

MARECHAL ELECTRICAL -Electrical Consumables

MECHANIX WEAR -Safety Gloves

NUPLA CORPORATION -Striking Tools & Fire Tools


PROTO -Industrial Hand Tools

SIBILLE FAMECA ELECTRIC -Electrical Safety Equipments & Safety Signs

STIFFY -Hand Tools

YALE -Cranes And Hoists

Company Profile

RAAH International offers Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions for clients in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Refineries, Marine and Shipbuilding, Manufacturing, Engineering, Mining, Construction and Aviation industries.

We deal in wide range of products - Mechanical - Electrical - Instrumentation - Safety. Dealing in over 400 Brands approved and accepted by Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Mining, Construction, Aviation industries. We are distributors for several safety brands such as Stiffy (USA), SF Electricals (France), FingerSaver (UK), Marechal Electric (France), Offshore Handling (Ireland), Utensileria Lughese (Italy), Unbrako (India), Craftsman (USA), among others. We also offer EOT Cranes and Crane equipment and servicing.

Through our extended global network and offices in several countries we able to deliver to our client anything they required on timely manner and most cost effective way. Our Offices, warehousing and storage facilities: • Singapore-Head Office • USA-Newark (Delaware) • India-Pune (MH) • UK-Bristol (Branch).

We serve clients across the regions – in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait among others. We also serve small pockets of clients in Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia.

In the last 2 years RAAH International has serviced several projects in namely Zawtika for PTTEP, SHWE and OGT for Daewoo, Yetagun for Petronas, Yadana and Yetagun for Total Oil and the South China gas pipeline. Besides the above projects we currently are authorised vendors to many Oil and gas companies including Bumi Armada, Burren Resources, Chevron, Cummins, Daewoo International, Petrofac, Petronas, PTTEP, Salamandar, Santos, Schlumberger, SMB Offshore, Tallow Oil, Total E & P, Vantage Drilling amongst others.

Our Vision: To be a leading procurement and supply chain specialist in the Oil and Gas, Aviation and Maritime sector.

Our Mission: Ensure cost-effective and timely provision of quality goods and services to our clients.

Our value promise: RAAH International is committed to offer innovative solutions in meeting client’s needs and resolving client’s challenges by:
a) Suggesting alternative products and services
b) Exploiting our physical presence in prime locations in Singapore, US, UK and India offices
c) Capitalizing on technology
d) Using our experience and qualified expertise

Business Type :Industrial Supply Chain Solution Provider

Country Territory :Singapore; Singapore and regional countries

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