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22 Brands

AC POWER -Line Conditioner, Frequency Converter, UPS

CHROMA -Prog.Video Pattern Generators, CRT Color Analyzers PC-Based CRT Color Analyzer, Front Projector ATS

COMBINOVA -Magnetic Field Testers, Electric Field Testers, Electromagnetic Field Testers

ECG -Impulse Winding Tester

EM-TEST -EMC Test Equipment, IEC Standard, Automotive Standard & Emission

ET SYSTEM -High Voltage DC Power Supply

IET LABS, INC -High Precision Decade Boxes

LEAP ELECTRONIC -EPROM & Universal Programmers, Gang Programmer Eprom Eraser, Emulator

LODESTAR -DC Power Supply

MICRONIX -Spectrum Analyzer, Electromagnetic Anechoic Box

MICROTEST -Impulse Winding Tester Cable Tester

MOTECH -DC Power Supply, Function Generator, ADSL, Transmission Line Testers, Power Harmonic Analyzer

PROMAX -TV Pattern Generator, Cable Analyser, TV Analyser, TV Level Meter, Sat Level Meter, Test Equipment, Measurement Equipment

Q-TECHNIQUE -DC Power Supply

QUANTEL -Electronic Test Equipment Development, Video Distributor, Buffer, 3 Axis Magnetometer

TET -High Power Lab, System DC Power Supply

TIME ELECTRONICS -Calibration System, Programmable Resistance Box, Decade Boxes, Voltage Source, Current Source

TOELLNER -Universal Counters, Function Generators, DC Power Supply

VENABLE -Frequency Response Analyzer

WALKER SCIENTIFIC -Handheld Magnetometer, Portable Gauss Meter, Portable Fluxgater Meter

WAYNE KERR -Precision LCR Meters, Component Analyzer, Precision Magnetic, Inductance Analyzer, DC Bias Units

XITRON TECHNOLOGIES -Power Analysers, Portable Calibrator Power Meter, Ballast Tester, Phase Angle Meter

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