PSE Safety Corporation Pte Ltd

48 MacTaggart Rd #11-02 MAE Ind Bldg S(368088)

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21 Brands

3M -Safety Products, Ear Plugs, Mask, Spectacles, Spill Containment

ANSELL -Safety Products, Hand Protection

BW TECH -Safety Products, Gas Detection System

DRAGER -Respirator

E.A.R. -Safety Products, Hearing Protection, Ear Plugs

ELVEX -Safety Glasses, Ear Plugs, Face Shield, Ear Muff

HAWS -Safety Products, Safety Showers, Emergency Eyewash

JUSTRITE -Safety Products, Safety Cabinet, Spill Pallet

KARCHER -Cleaning Equipment

KIMBERLY-CLARK -Safety Products, Ear Plugs, Safety Spectacles, Welding Shield, Industrial Wiper

KIMCARE INDUSTRIE -Hand Cleaners, Ear Plugs, Safety Spectacles, Welding Shield, Industrial Wiper

KING'S -Safety Shoes, Safety Spectacles

MSA -Safety Products, Safety Helmet, Gas Detection System

PANDUIT -Safety Products, Lock-Up/Tag Out System

REGELTEX -Safety Products, Electrical Gloves

RUNO -Safety Spectacles, White Safety Shoes

SHOWA -Gloves, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves, Cut Resistant Sleeves

TITMUS -Safety Products, Prescription Safety Spectacles

WAYNE -Safety Products, PVC Boots, Gum Boots

WYPALL -Industrial Wiper, Rags

ZETEX -Safety Products, Heat Resistant Gloves/Aprons

Company Profile

PSE Safety Corporation Pte Ltd was established to provide first class occupational safety and health products to our customers. With Safety as our top priority, we work closely with occupational Safety and Health professionals in hazard identification, recommendations and selection of personal protective equipment according to their needs. We provide a comprehensive range of products with common structural of services and satisfaction. We also provide comprehensive training packages to all our customers. Through our years of experience in the Safety industry, we are able to better outfit the workman for better protection in his working environment. We are also able to advise on the proper usage, its limitations and maintenance of the external devices.

Representative/CEO :Eugene SNG

Business Type :Occupational Safety & Health Solution Provider

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Safety Equipment & Supplies

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