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35 Brands

ALPHA -Motor-Driven Metering Pumps

BELLOZON -Chlorine Dioxide Generators

BETA -Electronic Metering Pumps

BONOZON -Ozone Generators

CHLORINSITU -Electrolysis Systems

CONCEPT -Electronic Metering Pumps

DELTA -Electronic Metering Pumps

DULCOCLEAN -Ultrafiltration Systems


DULCODOS -Water-Meter Controlled Dosing System

DULCOFILT -In-Line Filters

DULCOFLEX -Peristaltic Pump

DULCOMETER -PH Controllers, Redox Controllers, Chlorine Controllers, Conductivity Controllers

DULCOSMOSE -Reverse Osmosis Systems

DULCOTEST -Probes & Sensors

DULCOTRANS -Barrel Pumps

DULCOTROL -Panel-Mounting Measuring Systems, Panel-Mounting Dosing Systems

DULCOZON -Electrolysis System


EXTRONIC -Explosion-Proof Dosing Pumps

GAMMA -Electronic Metering Pumps

HYDRO -Hydraulically-Actuated Metering Pumps

MAKRO -High Capacity Dosing Pumps

META -Motor-Driven Metering Pumps

MIKRO -Low Capacity Dosing Pumps

ORLITA -High-End Motor Driven Metering Pump

OZONFILT -Compact Ozone Generators

PNEUMADOS -Air-Operated Metering Pumps

SIGMA -Motor Driven Metering Pumps

SPECTRA -Progressive Cavity Pump

TRIPOWER -Triplex, API-674 Metering Pumps

TURBODOS -Proportional Flow Dosing Plant

ULTROMAT -Polymer Preparation Systems

VARIO -Motor-Driven Metering Pumps

VON TAINE -Mag-Drive Pumps

Company Profile

Prominent Fluid Controls (Fe) Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Prominent GmbH which is known as the world’s largest manufacturer of metering pumps. Prominent GmbH located in Germany was established to deliver pumps from 0.1 liters/hour to 100,000 liters/hour with pressures up to 4,000 Bar. For over 60 years, Prominent continuously develops and manufactures systems and components suitable for water treatment as well as water disinfection. With our engineering excellence and superior services, our company has built worldwide reputation. We are trusted by valued customers when it comes to effective and reliable chemical feed, pumps, filtration systems and general water treatment solutions in diverse industries.


The modular ProMinent range, integrated in carefully designed solutions, enables our customers in a wide range of industries to achieve maximum safety and efficiency in their production processes, at all times and in any location. For us, customer proximity means working with the customer to find the right solution for individual needs. Personal, practical advice and smooth project handling are as much a part of our offering as our worldwide customer service.


We are passionately committed to environmentally sound, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for metering technology and water treatment. In more than 100 countries, around 2,400 employees in our own sales, production and service companies work hard to deliver fast and reliable service for every product, day in, day out. Because the ProMinent group’s position as a global market leader means a continuous commitment to excellent products and services and an obligation to think and act responsibly.

Country Territory :Singapore

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