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67 Brands

3M -Chemical Spill Kits, Oil Spill Kits, Occupational Safety & Health Products

ANSELL -Chemical Resistant Gloves

ANTEC -Fall Protection Devices

AUDA -Safety Shoes, Safety PVC Boots


BIOSYSTEM -Air Filtration Panel

BRADLEY -Emergency Eye Wash, Emergency Face Wash, Emergency showers

BRADY -Lockout Tagout Products

BW TECH -Gas Detectors

DEB -Skin Safety

DED -Skin Hygiene/Safety



DHC -Safety Cutter

DRAEGER -Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

DUPONT -Chemical Resistant Clothing

DYNA-MED -Spine Boards

EAGLE -Safety Footwear

EAGLE MFG -Safety Cans & Cabinets, Spill Containment Drum Pallet

ELSEC -Electrician Glove

ENPAC -Spill Containment Drum Pallet

ENWARE -Emergency Eye, Emergency Face Wash, Emergency Showers

ERGODYNE -Work Gloves

EVACUAID -Emergency Bracelet

GASTEC -Gas Detection Tubes

GUARDIAN -Emergency Eye Wash, Emergency Face Wash, Emergency Showers

HAWS -Emergency Eye Wash, Emergency Face Wash, Emergency Showers

IKAR -Fall Protection Equipment

INTERSPIRO -Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

JUSTRITE -Safety Cans, Safety Cabinets, Spill Containment Drum Pallet

KAPPLER -Chemical Resistant Clothing

KING'S -Safety Shoes, PVC Boots

LACONT -Type 90 Cabinet

LAKELAND -Chemical Resistant Clothing

MAPA -Chemical Resistant Gloves

MASTER LOCK -Lockout, Tagout Products, High Security Padlocks

MOLDEX -Disposable Respirators, Reusable Respirators, Ear Plugs

NORTH -Air Purifying Respirator

NSA -Protective Clothing, Arc Protection Clothing

OK-1 -Industrial Back Support Belts, Ergonomics

PANDUIT -Lockout/Tagout Products

PERFECT FIT -Industrial Work Gloves

PETZL -Fall Protection Equipment

PIG -Chemical Spill Kits, Oil Spill Kits

PROTECTA -Fall Protection Devices

RESPIREX -Chemical Protection Suits, Encapsulated Suits

ROMOLD -Secondary Containment & Spill Prevention Products

SABRE -Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCOTT -Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

SECURA -Respiratory Masks, Barrier Cream

SECURALL -Hammable Storage Cabinets, Corrosive Safety Storage Cabinets

SEKUR -Air Purifying Respirators, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Chemical Resistant Gloves

SPASCIANI -SCBA & Air Purifying Respirator

SPC -Chemical Spill Kits, Oil Spill Kits

SPENCER -Emergency Medical Solutions, Spine Boards, Evacuation Equipment

SPILFYTER -Chemical Spill Kits, Oil Spill Kits

SUNDSTROM -Respiratory Masks

SWARFEGA -Skin Hygiene/Safety

SWELOCK -Fall Protection Devices

TASCO -Hearing Protection Products

TEMPO -Heat Resistant Gloves, Heat Resistant Mittens

TESIMAX -Chemical Resistant Clothing

TOP GLOVE -Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Class 10, 100

TOWA -Palm Coated Work Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves

UNIVET -Safety Eyewear, Laser Eyewear

UVEX -Eye Protection Products , Face Protection Products, Safety Shoes

WAYNE -Safety Shoes, PVC Boot

Company Profile

PPE Distribution (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1993 as a company that distributes safety products to the various industries. Since our inception, we have focused on the business of workplace safety and health. We believe our job is to help clients build and maintain safe working environments so that their people can work with efficiency and confidence.

To that end we have worked hard and focused on building long term enduring partnerships with our manufacturers, suppliers and clients. Partnerships based on trust, based on total understanding of our clients needs that ultimately results in good business. We believe good business means that everyone wins.

We hope that you will take some time to meet our people, to become familiar with us, our products, and get a sense of the new PPE Distribution in action.

Business Type :Occupational Safety Solution Provider

Year Established :1993

Country Territory :Singapore

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