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13 Brands

ATOMIS -Architectural, Decorative

DELTA-BOX -Aircraft Obstruction Light

MIRAGE -Indoor LED Lighting, Weatherproof Lighting

OBELUX -Aircraft Obstruction Lights

OMS -Indoor & Outdoor Lightings

OSRAM -Lamps & Control Gear

PHILIPS -Lamps & Luminaires

ROYCE THOMPSOM -Photocell Controls

SIRENA -Vehicle Obstruction Light

SITECO (SIEMENS) -Indoor Lightings, Outdoor Lightings

THORLUX -Commercial Lightings, Outdoor Lightings

VOSSLOH SCHWABE -Discharge Lamp Magnetic & Electronic Gear LED Lighting & Driver

WIBRE -Underwater Lightings

Company Profile

A vision to become a total lighting solution provider keeps our company going strong with excellent reputation in the lighting industry.

Penta Lighting Pte Ltd was established in 1990 which put up the ante focusing in lamps from general lightings to H.I.D. fiber optics, medical, and other commercial and industrial industries which lead us to become one of the leading distributors in Singapore.

Our company maintains good partnership with our business associates carrying our major brands such as Osram, GE, Philips and other major manufacturers. We provide lighting services presenting the wealth and experience that we possess. We were able to sustain outstanding services to our contractors in their major projects including facilities management as well as a good managing agent for any maintenance and interior renovation that our customers need.

Penta Lighting Pte Ltd ensures an energy saving and green mark requirement dealing with a wide range of LED lightings and lighting accessories and controls available for your needs.

Our company offers the following products for your industrial and commercial needs.

• Lamps
- LED Lamps
- Fluorescent
- Compact Fluorescent Lamp
- Energy Saving Lamp
- Halogen Lamp
- Discharge Lamp

• Commercial & Industrial
- Indoor (LED Luminairs, Track Light, High Bay, Low Bay, Fiber Optic, Pendant, Wall Light)
- Outdoor (Floodlight, Landscape, Security Wall Light, Insert/Buried Light, Underwater, Weatherproof)

• Aircraft Obstruction Lighting
- Low intensity
- Medium intensity
- High intensity

• Special Lighting
- Cold room Light
- Explosion Proof
- Tunnel Lighting

• Driver and Accessories
- Osram
- Philips
- Vossloh Schwade
- Meanwell

Business Type :1. Distributor/stockist for lighting & lighting accessories.
2. Provide electrical work support.

Year Established :1990

Business Market :International

No. Of Employees :18

Annual Sales Range :> 4 Million USD

Country Territory :Singapore; Singapore and regional countries

Industry Focus :Facilities Management, Managing Agent and Property Managemet

Certification :

BCA BizSafe 3

OEM Capability :Yes

OEM Products :Mirage

Operating Hours :Mon – Fri : 9am to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm

Press Release

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