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PATLITE -Signal Tower Light, Revolving Warning Light, Signal Phone, Signal Voice, LED Display Panel

Company Profile

PATLITE is a diversified, global company and highly-technology engineering and manufacturing company. Founded in 1947, PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network system and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities. With more than 600 employees and the wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in theUSA,Germany,Singapore,Korea, andChina, PATLITE is widely recognized as the world top brand in the industry around the world.

The company continues to expand its product offerings and services to meet emerging sophisticated needs of industrial automation, commercial, municipal and governmental customers. Our optical, acoustic and electronic engineers have decades of experience developing innovative signaling products with outstanding quality and performance reliability which are required by high and stringent standard of the industry. The PATLITE broad range products are being dedicated to improve quality control, productivity and safety in production plants. The total solutions which the company provides enable community and public sector to increase safety and security.

Business Type :Manufacturer, Sales, Marketing, Logistics,

Year Established :1947

Business Market :Factory Automation (FA), Automotive Manufacturing, Network Security, Explosion Proof revolving Light, Status Indicating Light, Machine Tools, Emergency Vehicle

No. Of Employees :300

Annual Sales Range :3-5 Million USD

Country Territory :Australia; India; Indonesia; Malaysia; New Zealand; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam

Industry Focus :Automotive, Semiconductor, Electronics, Material Handling, Public Facility,

Operating Hours :9.00AM - 5.30PM

Product News

Water-Proof LED Bar Light

Country of Product Origin: Patlite (S) Pte Ltd

Product Launch Date: Sep 07, 2010

High waterproof performance was already achieved but without having the energy saving ability, the environment-resistant performance not offered by the fluorescent lamp in any variety of production sites, nor any public or commercial establishments, etc, without impiring the general illumination performance. Performance to which a high temperature of 80°C and high pressure washing in severe environments (like the meat and food process industry), demonstrates that it can be used for a variety of >>

Press Release

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