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19 Brands

BELGICAST -Soft Sealing Gate Valves For Water, Gas & Sewage Use


BODDINGTONS -Underground Pipe Warning Tapes

COSMO KOKI -Pipe Under-Pressure Drilling Machines, Inserting Valves & Plugs In Water Lines Under Pressure, Etc

DUVALCO -Butterfly Valves

GOLDEN ANDERSON -Automatic Pump Controls & Check Valves, Surge & Water Hammer Control Valves, Water Level & Etc

HEPWORTH DRAINAGE -Vetrified Clay Pipes & Fittings & Pipe Joints For Drains & Sewers Comply

HUWA -100% Stainless Steel Repair Clamp & Tapping Branch Tee, SS (304) & SS (316), Rubber Lining Of NBR

JOHNSTON -Gasket, Nut & Bolt For Water, Gas, Drainage & Sewerage Industries, Tunnel Segment Components

KUBOTA -Ductile Iron Pipes, Pipe Fittings

MADDALENA -Water Metering, Control & Flow Regulating Devices

NORFOND NORINCO -Ductile Iron Air Tight Access Covers, Ductile Iron Water Tight Access Covers, Frames, Manhole, IC Covers

ORBINOX -Knife Gate Valves, 3 & 4 Way Valves, Stainless Steel Wall Penstocks, Channel Penstocks, Flap Valves

PA -Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings

PREMIER COATINGS -Pipeline Corrosion Wrapping Tapes, Waterproof Membranes, Flashing Tapes, Liquid & Etc

RICHARDS -Metal Seated Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Swing Check Valves, Non-Return Valves

RODNEY HUNT -Flow Control Equipment Of Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron Penstocks, Sluice Gates

RUB -Brass Ball Valves

VIKING JOHNSON -Pipe Jointing & Repair Systems

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