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19 Brands

ARROW TECH -Radiation Protection & Health Physics

CAPINTEC -Nuclear Medicine Instruments

ECHO GRAPHIC -NDT Equipment-Radiographic Testing

IMS -Gamma Spectroscopy Systems

MIRION TECHNOLOGIES -TLD Systems & Dosimetry Products/Environmental Monitoring

NAWOO -NDT Accessories Equipment

NDT ITALIANA -NDT Equipment-Sprays & Chemicals

NTP EUROPE -Gamma Radiography Equipments & Radiostopes

ORDELA -Alpha Spectroscopy Systems

POLIMASTER -Radiation Detection & Monitoring Equipment

PRIMAX -Radiation Protection & Xray Shielding

PROMPRYLAD -NDT Equipment-Ultrasonic Testing

PROTEC -NDT Equipment-Radiographic Testing

PYLON ELECTRONICS -Radon Gas Detection Systems

RAD PRO -TLD Systems & Dosimetry

S E INTERNATIONAL -Radiation Protection & Health Physics

SPECTRUM TECHNIQUES -Scientific Educational

THERMO NITON -Portable XRF Systems

W B JOHNSON -Radiation Protection & Health Physics

Company Profile

Pacific-Tec as a group comprises of two companies: Pacific-Tec Marketing Services Pte Ltd and Pacific-Tec Scientific Pte Ltd, both located in Singapore.

Pacific-Tec acts as a Major Distributor of handheld scientific instruments in Radiation Detection and Non Destructive Testing or NDT Analysis.

Pacific-Tec Scientific Pte Ltd established March 2007, comprises of two divisions:

It overlooks the Marketing, Sales and Technical Support of Radiation Detection products from various leading manufacturers in

• Homeland Security Equipment (Polimaster),
• Top-of-the-line manufacturers of Health Physics instruments (S.E. International),
• Shielding and Protection from Radiation (Primax) and
• Nuclear Medicine (Capintec).

Customers can choose from a wide range of portable radiation detection instruments such as radiation portal monitors, radiation detectors, survey meters or geiger counters, electronic dosimeters, pen dosimeters, search instruments, isotope identifiers, Radiation Shielding and Protection, Nuclear Medicine calibrators and accessories, QC test tools or X-ray equipment for Radiology departments.

The products can be found mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei among facilities such as Hospitals, Research Institutes and Nuclear Power Plants or Nuclear Research Centres, Cyclotrons, Universities, X-Ray equipment manufacturers, Civil Defence, Border Control and Customs, Port Authorities, Shipyards and Scrapyards, Mining companies...


XRF product line
Under its XRF product line, the company overlooks the Marketing, Sales and provides full Technical Support, Application and Product Training of handheld XRF or X-Ray Fluorescence instruments from the World No. 1 manufacturer, Thermo Scientific Niton.

Our customers come from Alloy, Scrap and Petrochem, Precious Metals and Quality Analysis and Quality Control Industries, as well as Universities and Research Institutes, Testing Companies, Consumer Goods and Electronics sector.

Industrial NDT Equipment
A new Industrial product line of NDT equipment offers a wide range of

• Industrial Gamma and X-Ray Radiography,
• Visual Inspection,
• Eddy Current Testing,
• Magnetic Testing,
• Ultrasound Testing and
• Penetrant Testing equipment.

Some of the popular products we carry are the magnetic yokes, the Ir-192 sources and cameras, sprays for MT and PT, portable radiation lights with gamma and x-ray detector, a magnet to mount on metal pipes and audio warning for field use.

Our Vision
To be the Radiation Industry Standard in the ASEAN region.


Representative/CEO :MS.SOPHIE BOCHOT

Business Type :Manufacturer, Distributor

Year Established :2007

Business Market :Radiation Detection, Non Destructive Testing or NDT Analysis.

Country Territory :Asia; East Asia; Germany; Malaysia; Singapore; Singapore and regional countries; South East Asia

Industry Focus :Marine, Electronic, Consumer, Alloy, Research Institutes, Testing Companies, Consumer Goods

Certification :

1.9 October 2013, ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Pacific-Tec Scientific Pte Ltd now operates a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 by Certification International Singapore for a wide scope of activities, namely:

Sales, Repair, Calibration, Testing and Training of XRF Analyser and Radiation Products.


Quality Control :Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008

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