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advertising: electronic media

air monitoring equipment

air pollution control

alarm trips

amplifiers: instrumentation


analysers: conductivity

analysers: gas

analysers: signal


automation systems & equipment

bar code equipment

bar code readers

bar code scanners

building automation systems

28 Brands

ALCATEL -Routers/Switches, Telephony/PBX, Wireless, Etc

APCS -Analog Process Controls & Sensors Etc

AVAYA -Switches, SDN, Unified Communications, Etc

BALLUFF -Sensors, Encoders, RFID, Etc

BAUMER ELECTRIC -Sensors, Encoders, Counters

BERNSTEIN -Sensors, Ex-Proof

BOURDON HAENNI -Pressure Gauges/Transmitters/Switches

CISCO -Routers/Switches, IP Telephony, Data Security, Etc

DELL -Switches, Storage, Servers, Etc

HENGSTLER -Counters, Encoders, Cutters

HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE -Switches/Routers, Servers, Cloud Infrastructure, Etc

HOHNER -Encoders

HUBNER -Encoders, Tachogenerator

IFM -Flow, Temperature, Pressure Controls, Sensors, RFID, Etc

IVO -Encoders, Counters

JUNIPER -Routers/Switches, SDN, Packet Optical, Etc

LEM -Current Transducer, Voltage Transducer

LEUZE -Safety Sensors & Light Curtains

LUCENT -Routers/Switches, Telephony/PBX, Wireless, Etc

NORTEL -Routers/Switches, Telephony/PBX, Wireless, Etc

PEPPERL + FUCHS -Sensors, Etc

PILZ -Sensors, Relays, Switches, Etc

SCHMERSAL -Safety/Magnetic/Inductive/Position Switch, Solenoid Interlock

SICK -Flow, Temperature, Pressure Controls, Sensors, Relay, Etc

SIEBERT -Small & Large Display Systems

STEGMANN -Encoders

THALHEIM -Encoders

TURCK -Temperature, Pressure Controls, Sensor, Encoders, Etc

Company Profile

#IT#• Cisco • Nokia Alcatel-Lucent • Avaya • Dell • Hewlett Packard Enterprise • Juniper • Nortel. .
#OT#• LEM • APCS • Hohner • Siebert • Baumer • Pepperl+Fuchs • SICK • TURCK • Balluff • Bernstein • Hengstler • IFM • Leuze • Pilz • Schmersal • Siemens • Rockwell • Schneider Electric • Belden • Beckhoff .

OTC, founded in 1981, is a technology center for Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT (IIoT) hardware, software and intelligent platforms. OTC has partnered with industrial leading global brands like SkkyNet, Siemens, Rockwell, Belden, Beckhoff, Baumer, Pepperl+Fuchs, LEM, Cisco, Nokia Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, etc.. Our Industry 4.0 / IIoT management platform ensures that all end point components can be managed centrally and remotely with the incorporation of data structure analytics, distribution control, SCADA, DCS, Openstack and Public Cloud providers.

WIth the recent launch of Ioteasy brand, OTC is able to dedicate its strength into more vertical Industrial IoT solution and services. With our own R&D and production center, OTC is able to quickly move Ioteasy platform into the market.

Our Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions consist of:
Ioteasy ---- www.ioteasy.co
(Separate brand on Industrial and Commercial Retail IoT)
- Smart Equipment: EquipHealth, ConsumeTracker, EquipTracker.
- Smart Solutions: UtilityEasy, LogisticEasy, FactoryEasy, RetailEasy.

SkkyNet ---- skkynet.com
(IoT Data Hub + Gateway)
- SkkyHub
- Cogent DataHub
- Cogent DataHub WebView

Information Technology (IT):  Networking + Servers
- Cisco  (authorised reseller)
- Beckhoff
- Belden
- Nokia  Alcatel-Lucent
- Avaya
- Dell
- Hewlett Packard Enterprise
- Juniper
- Nortel

Operations Technology (OT): PLCs,  Sensors + Instrumentation
- LEM  (authorised distributor)
- A.P.C.S.  (authorised distributor)
- Hohner  (authorised distributor)
- Siebert  (authorised distributor)
- Siemens         - Rockwell
- Schneider Electric
- Belden           - Beckhoff
- Baumer          - Pepperl+Fuchs
- SICK              - TURCK
- Balluff            - Bernstein
- Hengstler       - IFM
- Leuze             - Pilz
- Schmersal

Representative/CEO :Kevin Chan

Business Type :Technology center for Industry 4.0 / IIoT hardware, software and intelligent platforms

Year Established :1981

Business Market :Industry 4.0 / IIoT: (1) Industrial + Commercial Retail IoT, (2) IoT Data Hub + Gateway, (3) IT: Networking + Servers, (4) OT: PLCs, Sensors + Instrumentation.

Country Territory :All of ASEAN; Bangladesh; India; Kuwait; Pakistan; Saudi Arabia; United Arab Emirates

Industry Focus :Industry 4.0 / IIoT: (1) Industrial + Commercial Retail IoT, (2) IoT Data Hub + Gateway, (3) IT: Networking + Servers, (4) OT: PLCs, Sensors + Instrumentation.

Operating Hours :Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 5.30pm

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