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103 Products & Services

air aftercoolers

air cleaning & purifying equipment

air compressors

air compressors: 1 h.p.- 25 h.p.

air compressors: above 100 h.p.- 500 h.p.

air compressors: above 25 h.p.- 100 h.p.

air compressors: above 500 h.p.

air compressors: air cooled

air compressors: breathing air

air compressors: centrifugal

air compressors: engine driven

air compressors: industrial

air compressors: marine

air compressors: oil free

air compressors: oil lubricated

40 Brands

API BASCO -Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger & Industrial Chillers

BICC -Cable Glands

CEAG -Explosionproof Fittings, Lighting Fixtures, Junction Box, Cable Glands

CHANNELL -Telecom Cable Joint Closure Products, Outside Plant Products

CLA-VAL -Relief, Air Release & Backflow Valves

CONLEY CORPORATION -FRP Pipes, Fittings, Valves

CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIE FRANCE -Multistage Centifugal Blowers, Centrifugal Exhausters, Air & Gas Solutions

CROUSE HINDS -Explosion-Proof Fittings, Junction Boxes & Lighting Fixtures

CSD -Pipes & Cable Penetration

DRAKA BIW -Drilling Rig Cable, Type P

DRESSER COUPLINGS -Pipe Couplings, Pipe Joints, Pipe Clamps, Expansion Joints

DWD -Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Pressurization

DYNAPRO -Computer Monitors

EET -Flares, Burners & Combustion Equipment

ELLIOTT -Centrifugal Air & Gas Compressor Packages, Steam Turbines

ELSTEEL -Electrical Switchboard, Electrical Closures

ENDUSTA FILTERS -Filters & Silencers

GARDNER DENVER -Blowers, Vacuum Pumps And Air & Gas Reciprocating & Rotary Screw Compressors

GENERON IGS -Inert Gas Systems, Nitrogen Generators

HEATEX -Electric Heaters

HERMETIC -Magnet Drive Sealless Pumps, Canned Motors Pumps

KETEMA SCHUTTE & KOERTING -Ejectors, Desuperheaters, Educators, Superheaters

KEVIN -Chemical Process Products, Scrubber Tower Internals

KF -Ball, Check, Butterfly Valves

KITTIWAKE -Oil Test Equipment, Fuel Test Equipment

KUNIFER -Copper Nickel Tubes

LEDERLE -Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Positive Displacement Pumps

MAZDA -Desuperheater, Turbine Bypass Valve, Eductors, Ejectors

OIL STATES INDUSTRIES -Subsea Products, Repair Clamps & Divertable Piggable Wye

OMNIPURE -Marine Sewage Treatment Systems

ORKOT -Marine Elastomeric Bearings, Industrial Elastomeric Bearings

PILLER -Industrial & Custom Made Fan

PURAFIL -Corrosion, Odor & Toxic Gas Filtration Systems

SERMATECH -Expansion Joints, Bellows

SITINDUSTRIES -Copper Nickel, Pipe & Fittings

SPENCER USA -Strainers

TEAMTEC -Fire Rated Safety Windows


VILTER -Gas Compressor

YOUNG NAM -Couplings

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