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70 Products & Services

aircraft maintenance equipment

alignment equipment: industrial


analysers: metallurgical

analysers: spectrum

analysers: vibration & sound

analysers: x-ray

balancing equipment



cctv surveillance

circular dichroism spectrometer

coating thickness meters

condition monitoring systems


38 Brands

AEA TECHNOLOGY QSA INC -Sentinel Gamma Radiography Equipment, Radio Isotopes

ARRAY CORP -Film Digitizers


CHEMETALL/ELY CHEMICAL COMPANY -Magnetic Particle Inspection & Penetrant Testing Chemicals

COLENTA -Dryers, Auto Processors

DUERR NDT -CR Radiography Systems

EDDY CURRENT TECHNOLOGY INC -Multi Frequency Eddy Current Techniques

EDDYFI -Eddy Current Equipment

ELECTROPHYSICS -Infrared Thermal Cameras

FIXTURLASER -Laser Alignment Systems

FOERSTER GMBH -Eddy Current & Leakage Flux Test Instruments & Systems

FUJI FILMS -Industrial X-Ray Films, Processing Chemicals

GRAETZ -Radiation Measurement, Protection Instruments

IPSI -X-Ray Crawlers

IT CONCEPTS -Inspection Remote Visual

K+D FLUX TECHNIC -Magnetic Particle Inspection Systems, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Systems


LABINO -High Quality Ultraviolet Lamps, High Quality Light Meters, High Quality Ultraviolet Lamps Accessories, High Quality Light Meters Accessories

MET -Portable Rebound Ultrasound, Combined Hardness Tester

METOREX -Portable XRF Analyzers & Mobile Optical Emission Spectrometer For Positive Material Indentification

OXFORD INSTRUMENTS -Portable XRF Analyzers & Mobile Optical Emission Spectrometer For Positive Material Indentification

PARKER RESEARCH CORPORATION -Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection Yokes & Accessories

QSA GLOBAL INC -Sentinel Gamma Radiography Equipment & Radio Isotopes

RADOS -Radiation Measurement Instruments, Radiation Protection Instruments

RICHARD WOLF -Rigid & Flexible Borescopes & Videoscopes

RICO -TV Inspection Systems, Video Inspection Systems

RUSSELL TECHNOLOGIES -Remote Field Eddy Current Techniques

SAIC-EXPLORANIUM -Radiation Detection Systems, Gamma Ray Spectrometers

SDT INTERNATIONAL S A -Ultrasonic Leak Detection & Condition Monitoring

SILVERWING -MFL Tank Floor Scanners

SONASPECTION -NDE Educational Kits, Flaw Specimens

SONOTRON NDT -Ultrasonic A, B, C-Scan Phased Array AUT, Systems

SPECTRONICS -Ultraviolet Inspection Lights, Ultraviolet Intensity Meters

TELEWELD -Hardness Tester

VALLEN SYSTEME -Microprocessor Based High Performance Acoustic Emission Systems

VARIAN LINATRON -High Energy X-Ray Source

X-RITE -Film Densitometers

YXLON INTERNATIONAL X-RAY GMBH -Industrial X-Ray Equipment Portables & Real Time Systems

Company Profile

NDT Instruments Pte Ltd is a German subsidiary established in 1993 with the mission to identify, source and supply quality products and after-sales maintenance, repair calibration services to our customers in the field of Non - Destructive Testing (NDT) and Quality Assurance & Control (QA/QC). We are committed to be the leading supplier in the ASEAN region to provide the most reliable yet cost effective inspection, quality assurance and control related equipment and solutions to our highly valued customers.

Representative/CEO :Mr J T Lim

Business Type :Non-Destructive Testing Solution Provider

Year Established :1993

Business Market :ASEAN

Country Territory :Singapore

Certification :

ISO 9001:2000, Singapore SME 500

Press Release

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