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33 Brands

AIRFLOW -Airflow Meters, Air Leakage Testers, Manometers

ALLA FRANCE -Laboratories Instrumentation, Industry Instrumentation

ALNOR(TSI) -Anenometers, Balometers, Velometers

ARNO AMARELL -Hydrometer, Precision Thermometer, Lab Thermometer

ATAGO -Hand Refractometer

BARIGO -Marine Clocks, Barometers

BRANNAN -V-Line Thermometers, Rain Gauges


COMARK -Thermometers, Pressure Meters, Intrinsically Safe Instruments

DICKEY-JOHN -Dew Pointer, Moisture Meter

DICKSON -Data Loggers

DWYER -Magnehelic D.P. Gauge

HANNA -Ph Meters, Conductivity Meters Oxygen

HISAMATSU -Thermohydrograph, Hygrometers, Psychrometers

ISUZU -Thermohydrograph, Humidity Chambers

JAKO -Industrial Thermometer

KOBAYASHI -Recorder Chart, Recorder Inks, Recorder Pens, Styluses, Disposable Markers, Recorder Ribbon

KYORITSU -Earth Tester, Digital Insulation, Resistance Tester

LINE SEKI -Tachometers, Counters

LUTRON -Lux Meter

MONARCH INSTRUMENT -Stroboscope, Tachometer

NUOVA FIMA -Pressure Gauges, Thermometer, Pitt Pressure Gauges, Pitt Pressure Controls

OASIS -Dehumidifiers

POSITECTOR -Paint Thickness Meter

PULSAR/CIRRUS -Sound Level Meters

R M YOUNG -Meteorological Instruments, Wind Meter

RAYTEK -Infra Red Thermometers

RIKEN KEIKI -Gas Detectors

ROTOTHERM -Pressure, Temperature Recorder

SPM -Vibration Meter

TFA -Meteorological Instruments, Weather Instruments, Digital Thermometers

TREND/WIKA -Bimetal Thermometer

ZEAL -Sling, Psychrometer, Hydrometers, Wet & Dry Bulb

Company Profile

Million Agencies Pte Ltd is a progressive company and one of the leading Stockists, Agent and Distributors for Instrumentation and Controls.

Besides being channel partners with established companies/brands like TSI Incorporated, Airflow, Alnor, Hisamatsu, Isuzu, Line Seiki, Zeal, Barigo, Kobayashi, TFA, Pulsar & Nuova Fima to name a few, we are also qualified and registered contractors to the Singapore Government and Statutory Boards for over 20 years.

We carry a full range of instruments ranging from airflow meters, anemometers, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, hydrometers, infrared thermometers, recording charts, and recording cartridge pens etc.

Our regular clientele include MNCs dealing with oil refineries, power stations, electronic plants, pharmaceutical, HVAC and many other manufacturing industries.

We strive to be the market leader in today’s competitive environment, and seek new business partners to offer a wider range of products and services to meet our customers’ needs.

Country Territory :Singapore and regional countries

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