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18 Brands

AGFA NDT (GEIT) -Structurix Industrial X-Ray Films, Processing Chemicals & Auto-Processors, CR Radiography System

ARROW TECH -Survey Meter, Personal Bleeper, Densitometer, Sensitometer

GEIT -Hardness Testers

GEIT-AGFA -Structurix Industrial X-Ray Films, Processing Chemicals & Auto-Processors, CR Radiography System

IMPERIUM -Digital Acoustic Video Technology

INC -Gamma Ray Projector, Radio Isotopes, Radiation Safety Equipment

INDUSTRIAL NUCLEAR -Gamma Ray Equipment, Radio Isotopes, Radiation Beacons, Etc

INTRON -Steel Wire Ropes Tester

KRAUTKRAMER (GEIT) -Flaw Detectors, Thickness Gauges, Hardness Tester, Ultrasonic Flaw, Detection Portables & Systems

MAGNAFLUX -Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment, Black Magnetic Ink, White Contrast Paint

MAGNAFLUX -Spotcheck Dye Penetrant & Zyglo Flourescent Penetrant

RADIOGRAPHIC -Lead Intensifying Screens, Lead Markers & Film Cassette

SEIFERT -Portable X-Ray Equipment, Stationary X-Ray Equipment, Mobile X-Ray Equipment

SEIFERT (GEIT) -X-Ray Systems

SPECTRONICS -Ultra Violet Black Lamps & Meters

STANDARD -X-Ray Film Viewers

STRESSTEL (GEIT) -Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauges

TECHNOMARK -Reading Solution, Turnkey & Permanent Marking Solutions

Company Profile

Established since 7th of January 1991, Micro-Tech Supplies & Services Pte Ltd started as a sole proprietor company. We have acted as an exclusive agent for Non-Destructive Testing Products as well. And in June 1999, our company was incorporated to Pte Ltd, expanding our staff from 1 man to 11. Through the years, we have excellently grown, focusing on how to provide the best and prompt sales and services cost effectively to our valued customers.

Aside from serving effective and reliable Non-Destructive Testing Industry, Micro-Tech has been introduced and recognized on industries where advanced technological and reliable products are needed. We have maintained our policy to keep abreast on the practical needs of different industries. In addition, we always keep the close relationship with our customers, ensuring to attend to their requirements.

With our passion and dedication to our work, we have acquired more skills and experience as well as technical knowledge coming from our very supportive customers. With tremendous teamwork and support, better performance is done each year. In addition, better sales and services are achieved. In fact, we were awarded by ITW Magnaflux Corp, representing them as Regional Service Center for Far East last January 2000 and Master Distributor for ASEAN countries in February 2002.

The following are some of the products we offer:
• Mentor EM Eddy Current Portable
• DMS Go Series
• X-Ray Detectors
• X-Ray Generator
• Hardness Tester
• NDT Products
• Ultrasonic Camcorder
• Permanent Marking System
• Steel Rope Tester

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