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6 Brands

AIRSCREW -Industrial Axial Fans, Marine Axial Fans

DUCTLINE -Industrial Axial Fans, Marine Axial Fans

META VENT -Marine Air Handling Unit

MULTI-WING -Industrial Axial Fans, Marine Axial Fans

RUCK -Commercial Fans CIL / Box Fan (Medium to High Pressure)

SODECA -Centrifugal Fans

Company Profile

Meta-Vent Pte Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of ventilation fans suitable for wide range of commercial and industrial applications in the country. These fans are widely used for warehouse ventilation, building carparks, industrial heat exchanger cooling, food court kitchen exhaust, waste treatment facilities, pneumatic air transport, etc. These can also be utilized for marine applications such as ships accommodation spaces, hospitals and machinery spaces, change rm, engine room, steer gear compartment and many more.

At Meta-Vent Pte Ltd, we have wide selection of ventilation fans that are guaranteed built in accordance to local buildings requirements & Vessel Classification Requirements. These include the centrifugal fans, adjustable pitch axial and bifurcated fans, mancooler fan, propeller fan, rectangular duct fans and centrifugal in-line tube fans. We also offer non-sparks fans, ideal for hazardous areas like pump rooms, cargo-hold areas, ship paints, chemical stores and other oil and gas environments.

Aside from fans, we also provide fan related accessories such as fan silencers, soft starters, impellers, motor speed control device, class approved dampers as well as goose necks and mushroom cowlings which can be fabricated based on customers’ requirements and specifications. Meta-Vent Pte Ltd also offers other services like building of electrical control panel and other fan replacement works.

The following are some of the products we offer:
• Adjustable pitch axial flow fan
• In-line centrifugal fans
• Centrifugal fans
• Explosion Proof Fans

Other than supply of fans, we also provide other services such as the following:

Electrical Control Panel
The control panel are of different applications:
For industrial, we can also built the fan starter panel upon client request.
For marine air-conditioning applications, we will built the fan starter panel, AHU electrical panel and aircon plant control panel to match our design requirement for marine environment.

Engineering Services
Meta-vent also offer conveniences to our customer by assisting them in fan replacement works.
For instance, we replaced old double inlet double width centrifugal (DIDW) fan for our clients. These fans are used in air handling unit, like TRANE, CARRIER, DAIKIN etc. We also replaced faulty motor for industrial belt driven centrifugal fan and balance the impeller and replacement of bearing block.
We could also offer design works for our client and supply and install ventilation ducting & fan systems for food courts & industrial application if required by our clients.

Meta-vent Pte Ltd believe in building rapport and are in consistent consultation with our clients and applying our fan engineering experience to meet their project specifications, site limitations and specific environment requirements.

Business Type :Professional Ventilation Solution Provider

Country Territory :Singapore

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